Girlfriend of mafia boss Guli stars in crime series 

Girlfriend of mafia boss Guli stars in crime series
Afaq Aslan

Afaq Aslan plays a mafia boss on the show.

The Azerbaijani singer Afaq Aslan, who is referred to as a close friend of the well-known thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli), announced a new crime series Son Ümid (Last Hope) on one of the Azerbaijani TV channels.

She published a series of shots on her Instagram page where she portrays a stunning criminal with pistols. Aslan is posing in a tight-fitting black dress with a deep neckline and a wide-brimmed hat.

The teasers show that the filming took place both in Azerbaijan and Russia. One of the scenes was shot near the Moscow GUM - Afaq Aslan’s character points a gun at someone while standing near a black Mercedes.

Previously, the singer posed a lot in various costumes, including quite revealing ones.

However, what impressed her fans more than anything was her hints that she was dating a crime lord.

It was when she posted a romantic picture with “A + N” in it, which, apparently, stood for “Afaq + Nadir”. The singer said that her sweetheart lived in Turkey (where Guli’s home was before his recent extradition to Azerbaijan), and when asked the question directly in an interview with Sputnik-Azerbaijan, she did not confirm and deny she was having an affair with the thief in law and only said, "a crime lord has a heart, too."

Salifov has never commented on his relationship with Afaq Aslan and was seen with another woman at the wedding of another thief in law, Nikolai Dgebuadze (Nika Gagrainsky) in Istanbul last summer.

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