Gia Kutaissky shuts Robson down in Karlovy Vary 

Gia Kutaissky shuts Robson down in Karlovy Vary
Ruben Tatulyan

New details of the event the media refer to as a thieves’ gathering have been revealed. The meeting was held in the Czech Republic and was attended by a well-known businessman, thieves in law and criminal bosses.

Initially the Czech press had reported that the meeting involving several thieves in law that came to a Czech resort separately was not intended to crown new thieves. The guests met in a summer cafe on Stara Louka Street but the gathering was stopped by the Czech police. Gayoz Zviadadze was the first to come to Karlovy Vary, then came thief in law Gela Kardava with a passport in the name of Oleg Golomb and Nikolai Kuzmichev (Kolya Tomsky), who used a passport in the name of Dmitry Zabrodin. There were also Andronik Mumjian, Artur Kardagaev and Vachagan Tashchyan that were all detained.

By that time, Ruben Tatulyan had already been there. The Sochi entrepreneur, philanthropist, and assistant to the State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin is known as Robson in the underworld.

gg.jpgContrary to the original version about the upcoming crowning of new thieves in law that were to be approved by Robson and protected by Gela, Tatulyan had not even met Gayoz Zviadadze before, although he was interested in meeting him to talk about Mamuka Kvizhinadze, a Krasnodar mafia enforcer and thief in law recently attacked in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the constructive dialogue between former Ded Hasan’s protégé and the influential thief had not been in the stars, it seems.

When Tatulyan asked Gia Kutaissky to explain the reasons the thief and his ally were in conflict, the latter punched back that suckers should not mess with the thieves’ business. The police stopped the meeting, so the conversation had to end abruptly, but Robson, who was trying to fit in with businessmen, politicians and criminals at the same time, was reminded once again that the latter were not too happy to see him.

We shall remind that after the reports that Ruben Tatulyan and a company of thieves were detained got into the media, the businessman made a lot of efforts trying to refute it. For instance, he showed a certificate from the Czech police that law enforcement officers took no issue with him and said he had come to the famous thermal springs to undergo treatment as he does annually.



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