Georgian thief in law Guga detained in Odessa

Georgian thief in law Guga detained in Odessa
Sergey Glonti

The authorities are deciding on the thief in law's deportation.

Georgian thief in law Sergey Glonti, known in certain circles under the nickname Guga, was detained in Odessa on Tuesday, May 9. This was reported by Head of the Main Directorate of the National Police for the Odessa region Dmitry Golovin on his Facebook page.

He stressed that despite the mobilization in connection with the celebrations, law enforcers continue to fight against banditry. Since Sergey Glonti's stay in Ukraine is illegal, they are currently deciding on his deportation.

"Odessa is not a place for thieves' meetings," Goloving added.

Let us add that it is not the first time that Guga has been deported from Ukraine. For instance, in 2008, he was already expelled to Georgia. Back then, operatives of the Department for Organized Crime Control found that the thief arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of distributing spheres of criminal influence in the country. In particular, Glonti planned to establish close relations with organized crime groups of ethnic origin, thieves in law, for further influence on the crime situation in Kiev and on the territory of Ukraine, representatives of the Main Department for Organized Crime Control claimed.



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