Georgian mobs accomplices placed behind bars

Georgian mobs accomplices placed behind bars
Beso Papiashvili (on the right) with thieves in law Lazare, Kosta, Dato Cherepakha and Nodo Gdlansky in Greece

Georgian legislation provides for imprisonment for a term of 5 to 8 years only for participation in the thieves' community.

The Tbilisi City Court rendered a verdict against three Georgian citizens Dmitry Chrelashvili, Kakha Bezhitashvili, and Givi Begiashvili. It was found that they were members of the thieves' community. It is reported by Sputnik Georgia with reference to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia.

All three were detained in April 2018 in Tbilisi and Kakheti. All of them had previously been convicted and belonged to the same organized criminal grouping associated with the thieves in law living in Europe; Malkhaz Zedelashvili (Makho), Kakha Shavliashvili (Kakha Kakhetiinsky), Abesalom Papiashvili (Beso) and Georgiy Khatiashvili (Dzheko). According to the materials of the case, they received tasks from them and acted following the concepts established by the thievish world, including taking part in the thieves' disassemblies.

In particular, the accused extorted 60 thousand lari (about 23 thousand dollars) from one of the residents of Georgia, threatening him with the murder of his family members and the destruction of property.

The criminal case was conducted under the article Membership in the thieves' community thief in law, which provides for imprisonment for a term of 5 to 8 years.

As a result, Chrelashvili and Bezhitashvili got seven years in prison, and Begiashvili - 6.5 years' imprisonment.

It should be noted, a year ago, the Georgian parliament introduced a package of draft laws on toughening penalties against thieves in law and representatives of the criminal world. The support of the thievish community can become a criminal offense. Also, the Criminal Code will include an article on appealing to a thief in law for help or to have an undue influence on someone’s decision. The punishment for these actions is provided, even if the desired result was not obtained.



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