Georgia intercepted Chia

Georgia intercepted Chia
Lasha Barateli aka Chia

Now the godson of Rovshan Lenkoransky risks to go into prison.

Georgian Interior Ministry has reported on the detention of the extradited from Russia thief in law Lasha Barateli, known in the criminal world under nickname Chia. On the eve the CrimeRussia reported that was forcibly deported from the Russian Federation to the homeland Chia by the decision of the Russian authorities. However, it is not reported on his fate.

Today, the Georgian Interior Ministry's press service reported that the deported thief in law was detained, while crossing the Georgian border at a checkpoint Stepantsminda. Now Barateli, according to the Georgian law authorities, risks to go into prison.

Recall that Chia was arrested by St. Petersburg operatives in the development of poetic drama about salvation of his friend – the kingpin. It happened at the end of June. Then, in the northern capital, it was detained a sidekick of Barateli Sergo Tsotshalashvili, known in the criminal world as Zura Kakhetian. When hearing this, he rushed in all haste to rescue his friend. Men friendship led Chia exactly to the building of the Main Investigation Department of St. Petersburg on the Kosygin prospect, where he was identified and arrested by operatives on the violation of the migration regime, after which it was decided of his deportation.

Barateli and Tsotshalashvili were crowned at the Turkish meeting in 2014 by Georgian thieves, close to Rovshan Dzhaniev. As reported by an informed source, Lasha originally supported Ded Hasan's gang, headed by Merab Mzarelua, expecting to receive the crown from them. However, tired of waiting for the longed-for crown, he had gone over to the enemy camp, where he joined the ranks of thieves in law in couple with Zura. It is noteworthy that both were in different time in the jail, were unable to confirm their status.



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