Georgia helped to detain 10 thieves in law abroad

Georgia helped to detain 10 thieves in law abroad
Georgiy Gakharia

Tbilisi actively cooperates with security agencies of other countries.

The head of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Georgiy Gakharia, spoke about cooperation with foreign colleagues in the fight against international crime. According to him, 10 thieves in law of Georgian origin were detained with the assistance of the department.

At the same time, the country's Interior Ministry conducted 10  international special operations, within the framework of which 166 criminals were detained.

Gagarin recalled that the last large-scale special operation called "Merlin-Taka" with the participation of representatives of the Georgian law enforcement agencies which was held in Barcelona on April 4.

Siloviki detained more than a hundred people. Among them were 66 citizens of Georgia: 25 people were charged with apartment theft and membership in organized criminal groups, and 41 – with violating the visa regime.

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has recently conducted a significant operation to fight with international crime and criminal authorities. Thus, in April 2017, the ministry signed a cooperation agreement with the European Police Service (Europol), and in September 2018, the Georgia office was opened in Europol headquarters.



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