Georgia: brother of vor Patsua Zestefonsky detained

Georgia: brother of vor Patsua Zestefonsky detained
Thief in law Patsua Zestefonsky

Through his brother, crime lord Fridon Sulakvelidze headed a gang in Georgia acting in the interest of a crime community.

Georgian law enforcers have detained a 43-year-old Kh.S. for association with criminal underground and participation in the activity of the thieves’ world. This is reported by the press service of Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is noted that the man, who is a brother of thief in law Fridon Sulakvelidze aka Patsua Zestefonsky and who had been previously detained, had long been on the wanted list.

According to Georgia police, the Sulakvelidze brothers participated in mob summits and acted in accordance with the code of the thieves' world. The detainee and his brother Patsua Zestefonsky would assign tasks to members of an organized crime group acting in the interests of the thieves’ community.

It is reported that apart from close interaction with his brother, Kh.S. kept in touch with other members of the underworld.

A preventive measure in the form of arrest has already been elected for the detainee. He faces from 7 to 10 years’ imprisonment under Art. 223 of the Georgian Criminal Code.

The brother of the detainee, vor Patsua Zestefonsky, is currently abroad.



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