Gathering slated in Yekaterinburg. Thief in law Sakhno may become region’s mafia enforcer 

Gathering slated in Yekaterinburg. Thief in law Sakhno may become region’s mafia enforcer
Eduard Sakhnov (Sakhno)

Now this position is nominally taken by thief in law Gia Sverdlovsky.

They will try to resolve the issue of controlling the situation in the Sverdlovsk region at a gathering in Yekaterinburg next week, on March 20.

According to, the corresponding circular letter has recently been passed in the colonies of the region. The growing influence of the notorious Far Eastern thief in law Eduard Sakhnov (Sakhno), who was transferred to Nizhny Tagil strict regime colony No. 12 at the end of last year, is a matter of concern for other crime bosses, mainly for Gia Akoev (Gia Sverdlovsky).

Having been freed in August 2017, Ded Khasan’s (Aslan Usoyan’s) grand-nephew Akoev settled in Yekaterinburg and began to make efforts to assert his authority over the region. That is, in fact, to occupy the vacant position of the mafia enforcer for the Sverdlovsk region, which became vacant after the death of Timur Mirzoev (Timur Sverdlovsky) in 2014. However, any actions of Akoev are immediately curbed by law enforcement officers, who do not even allow him to stay at a restaurant in the evening - a curfew is applied to him, and he needs to regularly report to the police. Therefore, as a source of said earlier, Akoev “tries to keep a low profile” and be quiet.

Гия Свердловский

Gia Sverdlovsky

In Primorye, Sakhno was second to Dzhem - Evgeny Vasin, a thief in law well-known in the Far East, who died in 2001, and after him headed Obshchak criminal group and controlled the entire region for many years. Therefore, according to a source of among security officials, his transfer to the Sverdlovsk region is an epic fail.

As previously reported, it was the prison administration's plan to maintain balance and control in the colonies of the Sverdlovsk region.” With his presence, Sakhno, adhering to the vors’ customs, should stabilize the situation, which at one time was stirred up by the long-term lawlessness on the part of the core group – those among convicts executing the will of the administration.

However, as soon as the news about his transfer appeared, many analysts predicted the beginning of a redistribution in the criminal world of the region, since Sakhnov would surely begin to bring everything to hill, replacing the least competitive players and finding accomplices in a new place.

With the arrival of Sakhno in the colony, messages from him were immediately sent to other prisons – something like strengthen our way of life, start a game, “life to thieves, in short,” the source said.

However, the gathering, which is supposed to take place in the spring or summer of this year, was planned for a long time. It was supposed to happen immediately after the release of one of the oldest and most authoritative crime bosses of the region Karo (Korogly Mamedov). Currently, he is serving his last days in colony-19 in Tavda and is to be released on April 23. However, the situation began to develop so rapidly that the issue of control over the region can be resolved even before his release.

Короглы Мамедов

Korogly Mamedov

According to the same source from among Sverdlovsk officials, the main interested party of the mob summit in Yekaterinburg scheduled for March 20 is Gia Sverdlovsky. Accordingly, law enforcement bodies do not exclude that the issue of Sverdlovsk underboss election may be raised. Sources of close to the criminal world suggest the same. At the same time, they say that it is also planned to discuss the enhanced authority of Sakhno in colonies.

Not only Akoev made attempts to take the position of Sverdlovsk region underboss after the death of Timur Mirzoev. For example, in 2014, negotiators of Andrey Tkachenko (Tkach), who was considered to be Nyagan (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District) underboss, arrived in the region. However, their mission was unsuccessful. A thief in law from Belarus, Oleg Gerasimovich (Mumu), made another attempt in 2014, but was soon deported. Thief in law Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto) was also a candidate. In January 2016, he was released from the correctional camp No. 6 in Kopeysk (Chelyabinsk region). However, he rarely visits the region now. Earlier this year, Eduard Gavrilov, also known as Malay or Edik Kosoy, was seen in Yekaterinburg. In the 2000s, he was considered to be the right-hand man of thief in law Andrey Trofimov (Trofa). Then he got close to Avto. It is not clear what role does Malay play now. According to sources, he acts as an envoy of one of the clans. That is, he plays about the same role as Shota Katamadze, who is considered to be a conductor of the interests of the Georgian clans in the Middle Urals.

Автандил Кобешавидзе (Авто)

Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto)

To recall, Eduard Sakhnov and other members of Obshchakovskie, such as Lepekha (Sergey Lepeshkin) and Leshy (Oleg Shokhirev), approached the control of the region extremely radically. They burned the relatives of businessmen who did not want to share money with them, beat journalists, who published exposing materials, and recruited minors, who later collected tribute from entrepreneurs.

After the arrest of Dzhem and his death in a pre-trial detention center in 2001, Sakhno became the leader of the OCG. In 2005, during the defeat of Obshchakovskie by law enforcers, Sakhno was arrested. Four years later, the Khabarovsk Regional Court convicted him and other thieves in law (Oleg Semakin aka Eva and Oleg Shokhirev aka Malyok) and crime lords.

The defendants got from 12 to 25 years’ imprisonment for a number of serious crimes and organization of a criminal community. Sakhno was sentenced to 25 years. Later, the appeal instance reduced his sentence to 22 years.



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