FSB detained thief in law Timur Kapbu for using fake documents

FSB detained thief in law Timur Kapbu for using fake documents
Timur Kapba (Guli) on the right

The thief in law, known as Guli, visited Turkey and Europe using fake documents.

In Krasnodar, FSB officers detained 39-year-old thief in law Timur Kapba, known as Guli, for violating administrative supervision and using fake documents. Kapba received 15 days of administrative arrest, after which he could be charged.

Timur Kapba was released from Vladimirsky Tsentral prison in October 2017. As a person without a domicile, he was ordered to report to the regional supervisory authority of the Federal Penitentiary Service. However, he visited Turkey and Europe using fake document.

In January 2014, Kapba was sentenced to four years in prison for a general regime colony for illegal possession of drugs on an especially large scale. He was detained in October 2013. The security forces found about 4 grams of heroin at Kapba.

The Krasnodar Territory is the only region in the Russian Federation where the FSB is prosecuting thieves in law too. In 2017, according to FSB materials, three mobs were arrested in the region: Vladimir Volkov, known as Volchok, as well as Tengiz Khoperia (Chinka) and Ara Muradyan (Ara Armavirsky). They were charged with extortion, fraud and the organization of the criminal community, respectively. The involvement of the FSB in the detention of Timur Kapba is aligned with state border violations.



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