Friend of crime lord Zaruba's funeral revealer detained

Friend of crime lord Zaruba's funeral revealer detained
Arrestee Mikhail Potapenkov

The blogger who distributed the video from the funeral was arrested for ten days.

The regional administration of the Investigation Committee initiated a criminal case on Defamation (part 1 of Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) because of reports about the participation of law enforcement officers in the funeral of criminal authority in Amursk, Khabarovsk Territory.

On January 8, a video hit the Internet, it depicts a long funeral procession. According to the person who commented on the frames, these were the funerals of the criminal authority, which included police officers and prosecutors. It was also alleged that traffic in the city was blocked. The regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the local Prosecutor’s Office denied the allegations, stating that law enforcement officers did not participate in the procession, and fined them for blocking roads and driving through a red light.

Blogger Viktor Toroptsev, who had previously distributed the video, was arrested for ten days for driving a vehicle without a license. He lost his driver’s license for refusing to check on the state of alcohol intoxication in May 2018. On Thursday, January 17, reports on the arrest of Mikhail Potapenkov, a friend of the author’s video, appeared in local media and social networks and the police and investigative bodies did not comment on the data.

Earlier, the Khabarovsk Territory Department of the Interior Ministry announced its intention to file a lawsuit on the protection of honor and dignity because of allegations of the participation of agency employees in the funeral of criminal authority.

The reason for the arrest was that allegedly Mikhail Potapenky looked like a robber wanted by the police.



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