Frantsuzov death: suicide or homicide? 

Frantsuzov death: suicide or homicide?
Maxim Frantsuzov

The death of notorious criminal evoked a bulk of questions.

More and more questions are arising in the case of the mysterious death of 26-year-old thief in law Maxim Frantsuzov, better known in the criminal environment under nickname Frantsuz. At present the police are considering two versions of what has happened: suicide and murder. The second one arose first, and it can be confirmed by the testimony of the neighbors of the deceased criminal as well as by some events that occurred just before the tragedy, however it is completely refuted by the source of The CrimeRussia.

The first confusion is related to the floor Maxim Frantsuzov fell from. According to the initial information, the criminal fell out of the stairwell of the 12th floor, according to later information – from the apartment on the 7th floor. Residents of the house with whom MK managed to communicate ​​say that at around 6 a.m. there were screams and a fight on the stairwell of the 12th floor. At about 06:30 an apartment resident on the 2nd floor heard that something had fallen on the porch canopy. He looked out the window and saw a man in house trousers, a shirt and without shoes, in whom he recognized his neighbor. Physicians arrived at the scene attested the death of the man.

«Бело Руставский» и «Француз»

Belo Rustavsky and Frantsuz

An incident occurred a few days before the death of Frantsuz may confirm the version of the murder veiled under suicide. Life reports that unknown people cut some electric wires in the house, and as a result CCTV cameras and entry phone ceased to work in the porch. Residents of the house said that they had reported damaged wires to the management company, but its employees have not fixed them yet.

Frantsuzov is quite a scandalous person in the criminal world. The most outrageous episode of his criminal biography is considered to be his voluntary renunciation of the title. In November 2013 a video appeared on the Internet depicting obviously exhausted Frantsuzov (under-eye circles, traces of ropes around his neck) announcing that he renounces the ‘crown’. What happened with the Frantsuz was called discredit and provocation, and the sources explained that the 23-year-old boy did not have enough strength or spirit to "confront the system". Having related his energy and remaining time, Frantsuz decided that the crown was too heavy for him, the sources said. Having freed himself in 2014, Frantsuzov first went to the most influential Vasya Voskres and tried to explain that harsh conditions of the Khakass colony forced him to take this step, but this did not help him to regain his crown.


In July 2015 the criminal survived an assassination attempt. Frantsuzov was tried to be killed near the ill-fated house in which he lived. An unknown ran up to him and fired four times: in the cheek, waist and ankles. After this Frantsuzov began to have health problems. The source told the CrimeRussia, that recently the criminal had lived in an apartment on the 7th floor with his mother, his wife and small child. There is evidence that after the assassination experienced Frantsuzov consumed psychotropic substances for a long time and was registered in a psycho-neurological clinic. There is also information that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and voices inside him insisted that there was "no need to live". These circumstances certainly could affect his decision to leave his life voluntarily.



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