Four Georgians detained for thief in law’s assistance

Four Georgians detained for thief in law’s assistance
Tengiz Khoperiya

According to the investigation, the detainees had asked for help from thief in law Tengiz Khoperiya, who is currently in Turkey.

Officers of the Georgian MIA have detained four persons on charges of belonging to the thieves' world and seeking assistance from a thief in law, Gruziya Online reports referring to the Ministry’s press service.

In May 2018, the persons detained sought assistance from Tengiz Khoperiya aka Chinka, who lives in Turkey, asking to solve a financial conflict. Khoperiya resolved the dispute in favor of the person who first asked his help. At the same time, another participant was involved in the conflict, who, as it is reported, “actively contributed to the activities of the thieves' world.” The Georgian law enforcers fail to specify how exactly he did it.

One of the detained had repeatedly sought Chinka’s help. To resolve another financial dispute, the conflicting parties personally visited the thief in Turkey.

Another suspect of belonging to the thieves’ world would resolve property disputes through Chinka. The person detained took advantage of his beneficial linkage and had the authority.

The names of the detainees are not disclosed.

As for Chinka, a criminal case initiated against him on charges of belonging to the thieves’ world. He has been charged in absentia.

To recall, on the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the list of crimes related to the thieves' world in the country’s Criminal Code was expanded. Since April 2018, the participation in a thieves’ summit, support of the thieves' world, as well as seeking assistance from a thief in law have been considered criminal offenses in addition to belonging to the thieves in law.



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