Former president of Armenia once again reminded of festive “gathering” with Ded Hasan 

Former president of Armenia once again reminded of festive “gathering” with Ded Hasan

The Armenian parliament discussed “thieves in law” and their relations with officials.

The state should be strong and in every possible way counteract “thieves in law” and the criminal element as a whole, Suren Grigoryan, a member of the My Step ruling faction, stated at a briefing in the Armenian parliament.

“If the state is weak and tolerant of criminal subcultures, they will have soil for development and prosperity. But we have repeatedly seen how statesmen actively contacted criminal authorities. I myself remember at least one video recording showing how [ex-president of Armenia] Serzh Sargsyan participates in a feast where criminal authorities are present,” the Armenian parliamentarian said.

This is a video that the CrimeRussia previously published. On the video, Serzh Sargsyan (at that time – the Minister of Defense of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) is at the same table with thieves in law Ded Hasan, Razmik Amoyan (Chako) and other members of the criminal world. The festive celebration was held on May 28, 1993. Serzh Sargsyan became Minister of Defense of Armenia a few months after this feast – on August 21, 1993. 

It is to be recalled that earlier it transpired that the “thieves” from Russia, Georgia, and Armenia are planning to hold a big “gathering” in one of the Georgian resort towns. The main goal of the meeting, as the media write, is to discuss the sensational bill developed by the Armenian government. The draft law was approved on August 29. According to it, obtaining the status of a thief in law is criminalized, and not only thieves in law, but also mafia lords will fall into the category of people in a criminal subculture. This innovation was a complete surprise and a headache for “thieves in law.” It’s about the same as the new “anti-theft” law signed by Vladimir Putin in Russia.



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