Former Deputy Prosecutor General of Moldova helped Bolgar to clean himself in Russia

Former Deputy Prosecutor General of Moldova helped Bolgar to clean himself in Russia
Renato Usatyi and Gregory Karamalak

Andrey Pantea is accused of illegal case’s transfer of the accused of banditry, blackmail, extortion and armed robbery Gregory Karamalak to Russian authorities.⁠

In Chisinau the former Deputy Prosecutor General Andrey Pantea was detained for abuse of official powers. The edition reported this. According to investigators, he removed to Russian authorities a major criminal case of the authority Gregory Karamalak, known by the nickname Bolgar, without justification. In Moldova he is accused of banditry, blackmail, extortion and armed robbery. In 1998 Moldova was declared Bolgar internationally wanted. It is known that all this time he was on the territory of Russia. In 2014, after the transfer of his case in Russia, Bolgar was cleared up of all charges. Contrary to the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, Andrey Pantea, the then first Deputy Prosecutor General, has personally given consent to it.

Earlier, the former Head of the Chisinau Prosecutor's Office Ion Diakov said that Pantea took advantage of the absence of the public Prosecutor, when transferring the case, and received $ 1.5 million. Now, according to local law, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

In 2003 he was arrested in Kiev airport Borispol with a fake Russian passport. However, despite the initiation of a criminal case, Bolgarin managed to escape from prison and flee. Later, the Attorney General of Ukraine filed criminal charges against the Prosecutor of the Ivankovskoye district of Kiev and other officials, responsible for the release of Karamalak, on the fact of abuse of authority.

In the criminal world Karamalak is known as an influential criminal authority, close to Solntsevskoe OCG. In Moldova he represented the interests of the gang along with the current Mayor of Balti Renato Usatyi. According to sources of the CrimeRussia, Usatyi himself is a political project of the Solntsevskoe OCG, which trying to promote their man in the power authorities of Moldova.



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