For honoring thieves' traditions Kamo Moskovsky fell into colony

For honoring thieves' traditions Kamo Moskovsky fell into colony
Kamo Moskovsky

Kamo Yeghiazarov, despite the loss of his status six years ago, observed the principles and did not go to the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia office.

Decrowned 6.5 years ago Kamo Yeghiazarov, known by the nickname Kamo Moskovsky, will spend the next two years and four months in a general regime colony.

The former kingpin was condemned for violation of administrative supervision. The fact is that in May 2016 siloviki found drugs at Kamo Moskovsky. Subsequently, he was sentenced to two years probation. At the same time, the ex-kingpin was obliged to report to the regional department of the Federal Penitentiary Service. However, Kamo Yeghiazarov, continuing to honor the thieves' traditions, decided not to follow the court's order and not to appear at law enforcers office in good faith.

Then the employees of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department threatened to visit Yeghiazarov personally. He was detained and sent to court. So the Sergiev-Posadsky City Court decided to imprison 55-year-old former thief in law Kamo Moskovsky.


Kamo Yeghiazarov was crowned in 1982. He was repeatedly tried for possession of drugs and fraud. In 2011, Sergey Asatryan (Osetrina Jr.) decrowned Kamo Moskovsky. He was demoted for spending money from common fund on personal bad habits. Meanwhile, Kamo was not upset, and for all this time he did not even try to regain his status.



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