Figurant in Shakro Molodoy’s case deceived Kaliningrad businessmen for 35 min rubles

Figurant in Shakro Molodoy’s case deceived Kaliningrad businessmen for 35 min rubles
Fatima Misikova

Fatima Misikova’s сompany Atelye 8 (design studio) owed money for supply of equipment for dairy production.

Moscow designer Fatima Misikova, one of the main figurants in the high-profile case of Rochdelskaya shootout, turned to be involved in another scandal.

According to, the friend of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov deceived Kaliningrad entrepreneurs. In May 2016, Misikova’s company Atelye 8 made a contract with JSC Kaliningrad Greenhouse for delivery of separators. This equipment is designed to turn milk into cream, as well as to normalize and clean it. Why the company Atelye 8 needed such equipment is unknown. Misikova’s representatives refused to give comments on the issue. Kaliningrad businessmen supplied the equipment, worth 35 million rubles, but did not receive money for it. As a result, businessmen appealed to the Arbitration Court, and in October this year, their claim was considered. The court ruled out to collect the money from Misikova’s company.

Whether Zakhar Kalashov’s friend to fulfill the court's decision is not clear yet. Meanwhile, lawyer of the ‘authoritative’ designer Valentin Bytensky is trying to make evidence work for his client. He claims Misikova, who is by the way was declared internationally wanted this summer, is not hiding from the investigation, and runs her legal business. He also denies the fact of falsification of death in order to escape punishment by his client.

To remind: on December 14, 2015 designer Fatima Misikova was an instigator of the notorious showdown on Rochdelskaya Street, which was a reason for initiation of a series of high-profile criminal cases. Misikova demanded 8 million rubles as a payment for her design services from owner of the Elements restaurant Janna Kim. As a result, in order to support the conflict, Shakro Molodoy’ assistant Andrey Kochuykov (Italian) together with his team came to defend interests of Misikova, as well as ex-KGB officer Eduard Budantsev’ lawyers bureau, as defenders of Kim. Negotiations turned to a shootout, which left two people of Italian’s gang dead. It is known Shakro Molodoy’s people were armed with traumatic weapons only, while Budantsev’s used firearms. On December 18, 2015 the Presnensky court of Moscow has placed the former KGB officer under house arrest for Murder of two or more persons (part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code). In August this year, he was released on bail. Italian, accused of hooliganism, was placed in a pre-detention center in December 2015. In the framework of this case, Zakhar Kalashov was arrested on charges of Extortion (part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code) in July 2016.

The shootout incident at the restaurant turned into a criminal prosecution of Shakro Molodoy and high-ranking officers of the ICR, namely, Denis Nikandrov, Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander Lamonov. According to investigators, the officers received a bribe from the thief in law for the protection, in particular, for release of Italian. In addition, investigation suspects the ICR officers of protection of thief in law’s activity on a regular base.



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