Federal prosecutor to seek for term for ‘thief in law’ Rashad Gyandzhinsky

Federal prosecutor to seek for term for ‘thief in law’ Rashad Gyandzhinsky
Rashad Gyandzhinsky

He and his 2 partners in crime are accused of forgery of documents, illegal arms in circulation, and possession of drugs.

Today, federal prosecutor is going to seek for a term for a ‘thief in law’ Rashad Ismailov (aka Rashad Gyandzhinsky) and his 2 partners in crime at Minsky district court. They were detained in November - with weapon, drugs and faked documents.

2 natives of Azerbaijan and a citizen of Belarus were detained by operatives of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime - with the support of Spetsnaz (Special Purpose Forces) - at a high-end club near Minsk. Ismailov carried a passport in another person’s name. 2 guns and ammunition were seized from his driver, a native of Brest - Valery Gritsuk. Hashish was seized from the third accused - a citizen of Azerbaijan Vaydar Mamedov. Criminal cases were opened against three of them.

It became known at trial - that was launched last week - that Ismailov used a document known to be forged - in the name of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Having used it, he visited a Minsk-based casino, received his winnings and crossed Belarus-Ukraine border at the checkpoint Novaya Guta, flew from Minsk to Istanbul, and also provided this passport to an employee of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime in a guest house in Minsky district.

Besides that, the ‘thief’ is accused of unlawful carriage of arms from Russia to Belarus: Tokarev and Makarov guns, as well as ammunition - in conspiracy with Gritsuk. Besides that, it was determined that they transferred guns and ammunition around Belarus - in a Lexus car.

The third defendant in the case is accused of storage and transport of drugs. With that, he was under the influence of narcotic drugs during detention.

The accused pleaded guilty partially. In particular, as for the faked passport, Ismailov stated he had always had it. In his words, when he got debts in 2012, one person offered him “to make a passport and a foreign passport.”

Since then, I haven’t used my real passport. I got used to the new one. I thought it was legal,” he said.

There are 9 volumes and around 90 eye-witnesses in the case.

CrimeRussia reported that the ‘thief’ was likely to have arrived in Belarus by order of a ‘thief in law’ Guli. He had earlier performed his orders. In particular, in August, 2017, Ismailov visited Abkhazia at his request - in order to assist Niko Dgebuadze (aka Nika Gagrinsky) in repartition of spheres of influence in southern Russia and in the Caucasus with an Abkhaz ‘thief’ Raul Bartsba (aka Pyza). However, then, the rumble escalated into shooting. Pyza shot both Rashad and Nika Gagrinsky.

According to other sources, he arrived in the Republic to have it out with a ‘thief in law’ Sasha Kushner, as the latter had allegedly called him a ‘non-thief’ behind his back.



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