Federal Penitentiary Service decides to 'break' Shlyapa Mladshy

Federal Penitentiary Service decides to 'break' Shlyapa Mladshy
Ruslan Gegechkori (Shlyapa Mladshy)

The system focused on Serezha Bentley as well, but his 're-education' is postponed.⁠

Apparently, the Federal Penientiary Service of Russia (FSIN) decided to ultimately 'break' Ruslan Gegechkori, known by the nickname Shlyapa Mladshy and deprived of the status of thief in law. The authority was transferred to one of the strictest colonies – the Minusinsk's one, where thieves concepts are not complied with. This 'red zone' is famous for the fact that all the processes are controlled there by the leadership of the colony and the prisoners under their control.

According to Rosbalt sources, the staff of the Minusinsk colony have already prepared a whole program for 're-education' of Gegechkori. It is common when the convicts of the Minusinsk colony controlled by the staff try to incite conflicts with criminals in every possible way. Provocative 'authorities' find themselves in unbearable conditions. Thus, according to the interlocutor of the agency, several provocateurs - natives from the Caucasus are to be placed in the cell of Shlyapa Mladshy.

Shlyapa Mladshy was transfered to the Minusinsk colony for a riot, arranged in a correctional institution of Tuva. There the criminal organized a pogrom in the prison mosque, having fighted with convicted Chechens and Dagestanis. The initiator of the fight was Shlyapa Mladshy himself – he publicly insulted the Caucasians.

After this Gegechkori was transferred from the colony in Tuva to the pre-trial detention center of Achinsk. There they did not allow lawyers for a long time, and when the defenders got to the client, there were signs of beating on his body. In the isolator Gegechkori encountered natives from the Caucasus again, who, having learned from the FSIN employees about the pogrom in the mosque, took revenge on the thief in law. Then Shlyapa Mladshy was transferred to the prison hospital in Krasnoyarsk. There, again on the tip of the FSIN staff, Gegechkori learned that thieves in law deprived him of his status. The letter to decrown Shlyapa Mladshy has been signed by two thieves – Konstantin Borisov (Kostyl) and Sulkhan Mzhaviya (Sulkhan). Thieves in law Badri Koguashvili (Badri Kutaissky) and Yury Usoyan (Yura Lazarevsky) strongly refused to deprive Gegechkori of his status within the precincts of the colony. They argued this by saying that depriving Shlyapa Mladshy  of the 'crown' was beneficial at that moment only to the system.

According to the source of Rosbalt, Sergey Asatryan, known as Serezha Bentley and Osetrina Jr, may also come to the Minusinsk's colony in the near future. The FSIN employees decided to 're-educate' him, too. However, sending of the criminal to the 'red zone' had to be postponed because of serious problems with the health of the convict. At the moment, Asatryan is waiting for an operation.



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