FBI detained Armenian thief in law Pzo

FBI detained Armenian thief in law Pzo
Pzo faces the problems with law again

The Armenian thief in law Armen Kazarian, known in the criminal world, under the nicknamed Pzo, was arrested in the United States. At the moment, there is very little information on the detention, but we know that claims about criminal boss emerged in the FBI.

According to the Shamshyan.com, a group of five lawyers are now engaged in clarifying the reasons for Kazarian’s detention.

Armen Kazaryan went to the States in 1996 and settled there so tightly that even organized his gang there. The gang engaged in money laundering, forgery of credit cards and illegal distribution of tobacco products was acting on the territory of the New York and Los Angeles. Pzo became the person of interest in the criminal case and was subsequently convicted by a federal court in New York's Southern District on 37 months of arrest, a fine of 60 thousand dollars, and the confiscation of property, including a house worth 600 thousand dollars in California.



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