Extradition of thief in law Taro to Spain drags on

Extradition of thief in law Taro to Spain drags on
Tariel Oniani (aka Taro)

Entourage of Taro say he is more likely to be sent to Georgia.

On May 15, Orenburg’s industrial regional court prolongated detention of a ‘thief in law’ Tariel Oniani (aka Taro) till October 8.

He had been detained as a person without citizenship on the ground of an international warning of search and arrest, as soon as he was released from a special regime colony #6 Chyorny delfin on April 9. On the same day, Orenburg region’s Sol-Iletsky court arrested the ‘thief’ for 40 days - until May 19.

In Spain, Oniani is being accused of money laundering and creation of a criminal community that had been operating from 1995 till 2005. The Kingdom’s Prosecution Service demands 8.5 years behind bars and a 50 million euros fine for the ‘thief’.

However, according to unnamed sources, at the present time, law enforcers doubt that Taro is going to be extradited to Spain.

Before his release, it had been known about his deportation, as he had been told last summer that he would be persona non-grata in Russia. Besides that, in 2010, the Federal migration service determined it had been illegal when Oniani had got Russian citizenship. He got his Russian passport in 2006 on the ground of his registration in Tatarstan of February 6, 1992 (according to the law, in spite of place of birth, those who - by this date - had been living in Russia on a permanent basis, had right to obtain citizenship. However, it was later determined that the registration of Oniani in Bugulminsky district of the Tatarstan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic had been ex post facto.

Entourage of Taro said he was more likely to be sent to Georgia he is a native of. From there, he could fly to the third country - Turkey, more likely. This is what representatives of his clan expect now. Russia rarely extradites suspects to Spain: let alone Taro. The similar had happened in 2006 after his successful escape from Spain, when his arrest warrant had already been issued.

In 2009, he was detained in Moscow on accusation of abduction of a businessman and extortion. In a year, Moscow’s Khamovniki court sentenced the ‘thief in law’ to 10 years behind bars. Taking into account time he had spent in custody during the investigation, Taro was expected to be released on June 11, 2019. However, he managed to shorten his sentence through court - up to 9 years and 10 months.

Kutaissky and Sukhumsky clans based mainly in Turkey are headed by Taro and Merab Jangveladze (aka Merab Sukhumsky), respectively. At the present time, they are the strongest thieves’ groups around the post-Soviet area. As soon as Taro is released, fight for the status of #1 ‘thief in law’ will sharpen. Until recently, this title had been held by Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy). When it was known he would be sent to a colony for a long period of time, he was replaced with a ‘thief in law’ Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan). Now, it’s a calm period in the highest echelons of the criminal world, and Taro might use it.



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