Expert on thief in law Shishkan's arrest

Expert on thief in law Shishkan's arrest

According to Mikhail Orsky, it is possible that the Russian criminal world may face the redistribution of spheres of influence.

Thieves in law may be overshadowed by their foreign 'counterparts,' since the number of crime lords of Slavic origin in the Russian Federation is becoming smaller, conflictologist, writer Mikhail Orsky told URA.RU, commenting on the detention of one of the most influential thieves in law Oleg Shishkanov known as Shishkan.

According to Orsky, there are now 441 thieves in law in Russia, more than half of them (251) are Georgians. There are only 52 Russians, and some of them are already in jails.

Orsky believes that if Shishkanov was detained on suspicion of a crime, this will have some consequences, but it is quite possible that this is only an excuse for “destroying Slavic thieves,” which presents the risk that foreign crime bosses will take their places.

Orsky also expressed confidence that there were “excellent roads, lighting, a school, a gym” in the village where Shishkan lived. He stressed that Shishkanov was a football lover.

“For many years he has been the actual owner of Saturn Ramenskoye. This is a team that successfully played in the big leagues,” Orsky said.

As The CrimeRussia wrote, thief in law Shishkan was detained the day before on suspicion of involvement in the abduction and murder of Tatyana Sidorova, deputy of Ramensky district of the Moscow region, and her family members in 2012.



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