Expert: “Guli is close to giving up his title”

Expert: “Guli is close to giving up his title”
Arman Diky and Guli

“Some people give up the title because they fear for their lives.”

The well-known thief in law may waive his title due to allegations of cooperation with Kazakhstan’s intelligence agencies. 

Ex-Head of the criminal police of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and a lawyer for criminal cases Evgeny Kharlamov told that after the adoption of the law on prosecution of persons occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy, provocations on the part of security forces became more frequent.

According to him, gangland prisoners are forced to tell that certain thieves in law cooperate with special services. After that, leaders of the criminal world must either agree to real cooperation with the security forces, or prepare for the fact that the information about their alleged cooperation will become public. This could happen to Guli.

“Some cannot withstand it. It’s hard to withstand it morally. We don’t know what he’ll do... There are cases when thieves in law give up their titles because they fear for their life,” Kharlamov said. 

According to him, Guli may renounse his title. 

Previously, Salifov was accused of having links with Kazakhstan’s intelligence services. This happened after another thief, Guram Chikhladze (Kvezhoevich), was beaten up in the vor’s presence. It was done by one of Guli’s recent henchmen, Kazakhstani crime lord Arman Dzhumageldiev (Diky Arman). After that, it was reported that Nadir Salifov could be associated with the special services of Kazakhstan. 



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