Ex-kingpin Tolik Tolyattinsky detained  

Ex-kingpin Tolik Tolyattinsky detained
Detention of Tolik Tolyattinsky

He was released from prison recently.

The day before, FSB officers detained 34-year-old Anatoly Panfilov that is the former thief in law known as Tolik Tolyattinsky in the Central District of Togliatti.

As the TLTgorod local newspaper writes, his harsh detention occurred near the building of the tax inspection. The ground is not reported. It is only known that he was released from prison fairly recently.

Анатолий Панфилов

In early July 2013, the Central District Court of Tolyatti found him guilty of Attempted Sale of narcotic drugs on an especially large scale (part 1 of Art. 30, part 4 of Art. 228.1, Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The mob was sentenced to 4 years and five months of imprisonment.

He gained his criminal nickname along with the thieves' crown in December 2012 in the United Arab Emirates. On that day, 15 more criminal authorities from the clan of Tariel Oniani (Taro) were crowned.

However, a month after the murder of Ded Hasan, a mass 'disowning' of all newcomers of that Dubai gathering was held. Vasya Voskres, Pichuga, Tyurik, Tsirkach, Gia Sverdlovsky and many others deprived Tolik Tolyattinsky of his status.



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