Escape of mob Moshok from mental hospital hit video 

Escape of mob Moshok from mental hospital hit video
Moshok and his escape Photo: The CrimeRussia

Viktor Moshkov was detained in a private house.

Law enforcement officers of the Novosibirsk region were able to detect and detain Viktor Moshkov, who had escaped from a mental hospital, he is known as Moshok.

The mob escaped in mid-December, sawing off the bars on the window of the institution. According to some reports, he was supported by accomplices. According to a report by the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, field investigators, with the force support of Rosgvardiya fighters, detained the fugitive in Kuibyshev, a town near Novosibirsk. He was hiding in one of the private houses.

“The police identified several points where a fugitive patient could hide and carried out operational search measures,” the agency said.

The escape hit surveillance cameras. The record shows how he gets out of the cell through the window.

As The CrimeRussia has previously written, investigators began checking the clinic staff for negligence after the disappearance of Moshok.

In the criminal world, the mob is considered a very influential figure. Moshok is known as a representative of the Slavic criminal clan in the Novosibirsk region, in the past, he was an approximate of thief in law Pavel Morev, nicknamed Besheny (died in 2002).

His first conviction was received for hooliganism, theft, and fraud in 1992. Since then, the mob regularly appeared behind bars. The last time he was charged with slavery and several brutal murders.



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