Edo Oktemberyansky's brother murder solved

Edo Oktemberyansky's brother murder solved
Edo Oktemberyansky was killed in Nice in 2011

The bodies of Khoren Margaryan and his friend Mikael Lalayan were found by law enforcement officers in the trunk of Mercedes on the village of Razvilka near Moscow.⁠

Law enforcement officers detained a 35-year-old citizen of the Republic of Armenia on suspicion of killing two people, whose bodies with gunshot wounds were found in the trunk of Mercedes in the Moscow region. One of the victims was Khoren Margaryan, the younger brother of late thief in law Edward Margaryan (Edo Oktemberyansky).

The press service of the ICR Central Investigation Department in the Moscow region notes that the detainee was repeatedly tried. According to investigators, the crime was committed on the basis of quarrel, but the reasons for the conflict are not reported. In the near future, a measure of restraint will be chosen.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, on the morning of April 3, in the village of Razvilka, on Vishnevaya Street, an abandoned Mercedes car was found, in the trunk of which lay the bodies of two men with gunshot wounds. The victims of the murderer were younger brother of thief in law Edward Margaryan, Khoren (citizen of Armenia), and his friend Mikael Lalayan (citizen of Abkhazia).

According to MK, the younger brother of the murdered kingpin was shot during the disassembly. The following is known about the circumstances of the incident: on that day a friend, who worked as an excavator operator, adressed Khoren Margaryan. He said that he had a conflict with the employees of the car service. Previously, repeatedly convicted Khoren, taking two friends, flied to help. When the company arrived on the scene, several people already beat up Margaryan’s friend. A fight ensued, during which Margaryan, trying to stop the carnage, fired into the air, and then into one of his opponents, immediately receiving a reciprocal bullet that became deadly for him. Mikael Lalayan was also killed. Their companion, as well as the culprit of the incident managed to escape.

At the present time, the ICR Main Investigation Department opened a criminal case under two articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - Murder and Illicit Trafficking in Weapons.

As for Khoren Margaryan, he, unlike his brother Edward, has not been the thief in law. Edward Margaryan, better known in the criminal environment as Edo Oktemberyansky, was killed in Nice, in May 2011.



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