Edik Osetrina arranges mob summit for his anniversary

Edik Osetrina arranges mob summit for his anniversary
Eduard Asatryan and his son

The thief in law has turned 50.

A mob summit dedicated to thief in law Eduard Asatryan aka Edik Osetrina aka Edik Tbilissky's fiftieth anniversary was held in Moscow the other day. Such infamous representatives of the criminal underworld as Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), Kakha Parpaliya (Kakha Galsky), Badri Koguashvili (Badri Kutaissky), Amiran Sopromadze (Sopotiya), Mikhail Khananashvili (Nika Izrailsky), Gayk Sarkisyan (Ayko Astrakhansky), and many others came to congratulate the birthday boy. 

Despite that Asatryan can be frequently seen in the restaurant Bely Dom, which is his Moscow office, the banquet was held in the restaurant Marani owned by Kakha Galsky. In this connection, he had most of the guests on his side. 

The choice of venue indicates reconciliation between Edik Osetrina and Kakha Galsky. Not long ago, they accused each other of having links to security agencies.

At the same time, both thieves in law manifest their power ambitions. Whereas Parpaliya, who used to be among Shakro Molodoy’s inner circle, has practically the same levers of control as Shishkan, who has been recently recognized ‘Thief in Law No. 1,’ Asatryan only claims to have such control. It was the mutual striving to occupy a predominant position in the thieves’ world that caused the disagreements to arise between them. 

To recall, after Zakhar Kalashov was arrested, the All-Russian common fund passed down from the country’s main thief’s nephew Dato Ozmanov to Kakha Galsky. At the moment, Parpaliya is strengthening his positions at the expense of thieves arriving from abroad, such as Nika and Sopotiya.

As for Asatryan, he has recently been solving issues in the Donbass. The recent ‘decrowning’ of his son, Sergey Asatryan aka Serezha Bentley, has tampered with his way up. As a result, instead of promoting, he had to address entirely different issues. 

It should be recalled that Asatryan Jr. was deprived of his thief’s crown in January 2018, after he was sentenced to nine years in the colony and sent to a pre-trial detention center in Nizhny Novgorod. A kite was spread there, saying that Bentley should not be viewed as a thief in law. It was signed by such crime lords as Vasya Voskres, Miron, Tsezar, Valera Tbilissky, Gela, Gogi Pitersky, Mazi, and Shalvovich.



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