East of Sverdlovsk region may be left without alpha dog 

East of Sverdlovsk region may be left without alpha dog

Vagif Kamyshlovsky's withdrawal from business may affect the situation in the criminal world.

The East of the Sverdlovsk region may be left without an alpha dog due to the severe illness of the crime lord Vagif Kamyshlovsky (Vagif Gulhamed Ogly Sultanov). According to the AIF-Ural, Sultanov is dying from liver disease.

The source of the newspaper reported that the 67-year-old crime lord was recently discharged from the hospital for palliative treatment. At present, Sultanov is in serious condition, he does not recognize anyone and is unable to fulfill the duties of the alpha dog. Despite this, the Azerbaijani diaspora in the region is raising money for the treatment of the crime lord abroad.

Vagif Kamyshlovsky's withdrawal from business may affect the situation in the criminal world. In mid-April, it was reported that the security forces thwarted the “gathering” at which the transfer of “powers” from Sultanov to Andrei Vorotnikov, also known as Vorotnik, who was freed after serving time for extortion and robbery, was to take place. Vagif himself was not at the "meeting," however, Vorotnikov decided to "declare" and assume the duties of an alpha dog. The Organized Crime Division employees together with the force division support dispersed the gathering.

Vagif Kamyshlovsky is considered an important figure in the criminal world of the Sverdlovsk region. In the fall of 2013, he was detained in the company of other crime lords in a cafe on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg. He was later arrested on suspicion of extortion, but the case against him was subsequently discontinued. In April 2016, Sultanov was again detained by Organized Crime Division operatives in the company of other influential representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora in a cafe on Cosmonauts Avenue, where Agayar Aghayev was announced as an alpha dog and for the status of the governor in the Urals from thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky, who was killed in the fall of 2016 in Turkey.

After the murder of Rovshan Lenkoransky, representatives of the diasporas in the Urals “swore” to the crime boss Nadir Salifov (Guli) who had been released from the Azerbaijani prison.

According to the source of the newspaper, recently the influence of Guli in the Urals and the local groups weakened. “Vagif hasn't solved anything lately. This is connected, among other things, with the new law imposing responsibility for the possession of a higher status in the criminal world,” said the source. According to him, to the east of the Sverdlovsk region crime bosses from the neighboring Tyumen region also had their views. A thief in law Giya Akoev (Giya Sverdlovsky) also lives in the region, but he is not very active.



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