Unknown details of the Shakro Molodoy’s case revealed

Unknown details of the Shakro Molodoy’s case revealed

The thief in law planned to hand the building of Elements restaurant to his friend, owner of Moscow’s khinkali (national Georgian dish) restaurants.

The journalist of Rosbalt revealed the new details of the Shakro Molodoy’s criminal case. According to the source, the thief in law was not going to settle for those 8 million rubles that he was extorting from the owner of Elements restaurant Joanna Kim with the help of his accomplices. According to the case’s materials, the authoritative criminal aimed to wrest the restaurant away from the entrepreneur. In fact, he was not interested in the restaurant itself, but in the building, in which the restaurant is located, to recall, it is the center of Moscow. 

According to the Rosbalt’s informed source, the investigators, supervising the case, hold information that the thief in law told his friend – owner of Moscow’s khinkali restaurants, that there was an “opportunity to wrest away the building of Elements restaurant at Rochdelskaya Street” and asked, if he needed it. The companion of Shakro Molodoy was clearly happy about such offer, mentioning that it was a “perfect place for a new khinakali restaurant”. These business talks were conducted by telephone calls and at personal meetings as well. Soon after it, a group of Private Security Company (the PSC) fighters together with authority Italian, one of the Shakro’s wingmen, came to Elements. Joanna Kim had prepared for the meeting with the unfriendly visitors. She called former commander of the Moscow’s Special Rapid Response Detachment Eduard Budantsev for help. The ex-commander, after his dismissal, engaged in collection services.

Italian demanded from Kim 8 million rubles, moreover 1,5 million of this sum he wanted to receive immediately. He threatened to re-register the restaurant to third parties and to settle hash her and members of her family. The restaurant’s owner thoughtfully recorded the conversation.

Eventually, the opponents had failed to reach an agreement and their meetings ended up tragically – two PSC fighters, controlled by Shakro Molodoy, were killed during a shootout. Few days later after the incident, Italian and one of his subordinates Eduard Romanov were detained. They were placed in a demand prison under accusations of Hooliganism (Art. 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Among arrested there also were Eduard Budantsev, Vladimir Kostrichenko and Petr Cherchintsev, who took part in the shootout. However, after they were accused of murder of two or more persons (Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), they were placed under home arrest.

Activity around the case has appeared just recently. It occurred that Kim made a motion on extortion, after what the General Investigative Department of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow initiated a case under the article. Operational escorting of the investigation is being conducted by Administration M of the Federal Security Service of Russia. Shakro Molodoy was detained under this case.

It appeared that the thief in law spared no expense to set Italiyanets free. Through director of his PSC Dmitry Zvontsev, who had earlier been related to authorities and since then had many usefull connections, he handed a bribe of 1 million dollars. The officers of Administration M of the Federal Security Service of Russia knew in advance that the payment was meant to a high-ranking investigators from the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR).

On July 12, Shakro Molodoy was detained under accusations of extortion and later was placed into custody. Long before, the servicemen had in cultivation the first Deputy Head of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow Denis Nikandrov, the Head of the Main Investigations Directorate of Interdepartmental Cooperation and Personal Security of the ICR Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Aleksander Lamonov. According to the investigation, the solver of Shakro, Dmitry Zvontsev, handed them a sum equivalent to $1 million, for the release of Italiyanets. All three of them were detained and later arrested by the Lefortovo Court.  



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