Dzhemo picks another fight in Latvia, this time with Adu Zugdidsky’s crony  

Dzhemo picks another fight in Latvia, this time with Adu Zugdidsky’s crony
Dzhemal Mikeladze (Dzhemo)

The thief in law, who has lately settled in the Baltics, seems ever more proactive.

Thief in law Dzhemal Mikeladze (Dzhemo) once again got into Latvian news. According to that cited a source in Drošības policija, Dzhemal decided to punish a car thief nicknamed Tim.

Earlier, a car had been stolen from the Georgian thief, and he told Tim he wanted to meet him in an elite restaurant in the city center. As soon as Tim got in, Dzhemo and his bodyguards attacked him.

The newspaper notes that a behavior like this is contrary to the Thieves’ Code, especially since Tim is one of the cronies of the thief Zurab Shamugia (Adu Zugdidsky), which means that the story might not be over yet.

Zurab Shamugia (Adu Zugdidsky)

Zurab Shamugia (Adu Zugdidsky) 

Shamugia has dominance in Latvia, since it was there that he has served two of his last prison terms since 2000. As local media reported earlier, after the Estonian Mafia leader Nikolai Tarankov was murdered last year, Adu Zugdidsky has been making efforts to consolidate the power of organized crime in the Baltic States. And now it is Dzhemo who has made himself known here.

There are two foreign thieves in law living in Latvia now. Sergei Vasin (Vyatlag) settled there in 2014. He rents a house in the elite Club Village Old Captain, located in the Mārupe Municipality, near the Riga airport. His counterpart and a friend of Mikeladze, who is also the godfather of Vasin’s son, lives nearby.

They have another thing in common, both opposing the clan of the followers of Ded Khasan, the murdered "patriarch" of the criminal world. This made Vasin flee to the UAE at first, and to the Baltic country later.

Club Village Old Captain

Club Village Old Captain

For this same reason, Dzhemo is forced to always travel around the country with security guards. Which, however, does not hinder (and actually rather helps) his constant fights in Latvia. In October this year, he ransacked a Riga restaurant, when he had a disagreement with an internationally known money launderer nicknamed Rak (“Claw fish” or “Cancer”), according to Then he started a drunken row in an Italian restaurant located in one of the most expensive hotels of Jūrmala.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear on what grounds the mafia boss is staying in the country in the first place. After Mikeladze was stripped of Russian citizenship and recognized undesirable in Russia for life, he was given to the Italian authorities earlier this year, who sentenced him in absentia to 15 years of imprisonment on charges of creating a criminal association, extortion, bribery, money laundering and falsification of documents.

Let's mention also that earlier another powerful thief in law lived in Latvia, Vyacheslav Shestakov (aka Sliva, “Plum”). He moved there from Russia and settled in Jūrmala in 2010, having obtained the Latvian residence permit through the purchase of expensive real estate, which was regarded as an investment in the economy of the country. In 2012, he was included in the black list of persons whose stay in Latvia was undesirable, and expelled from the country.



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