Dutch authorities release Chechen crime boss Sheykh Khamzat on €3.6m bail

Dutch authorities release Chechen crime boss Sheykh Khamzat on €3.6m bail

Once a confidant to Rovshan Lenkoransky, Khamzat Gastamirov has been detained in Amsterdam with forged documents and unregistered weapons.

The court of the Netherlands has released Chechen crime lord Khamzat Gastamirov, known as Sheykh Khamzat, and his henchmen on bail of three businessmen.

As reported by Sputnik Azerbaijan citing its informed source, the price of Gastamirov’s release is 3.6 million euros. Immediately after his release, he left for Germany, where he has lived in recent years.

To recall, the Chechen crime lord and 13 of his henchmen were detained in late August close to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport immediately upon their arrival from Azerbaijan.

A pistol, a fake passport in the name of Bulgarian citizen Peter Stoykov, bank cards, three mobile phones, and Franck Muller watch worth 85 thousand euros was found and seized from Gastamirov. The other detainees had six pistols and four Kalashnikov assault rifles. September 5, the court arrested the detainees for three months. Later, one of them was released due to a serious health condition.

According to the publication’s sources, it was enemies of the deceased thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky, an associate of whom Gastamirov was considered, who could have turned him in to law enforcers.

It was also reported that the first court hearing against Gastamirov is to take place on December 5 this year. Under the laws of the Netherlands, he may face up to 10 years in prison for the alleged crimes.

Поддельный паспорт Хамзата Гастамирова

Gastamirov’s fake passport

Sheykh Khamzat have come to Azerbaijan to visit the grave of his elder comrade Rovshan Lenkoransky on the anniversary of his death.

August 19, Gastamirov was detained by employees of the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime in the Levengi restaurant, Baku. That day, the searches were held immediately at three addresses, since siloviki thought that Sheykh Khamzat was holding a thieves’ meeting. It is known that recently he has been actively trying to get the thieves' crown. 



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