"Don't you respect the thieves' authority?": Eduard Budantsev on his version of Rochdelskaya shootout 

"Don't you respect the thieves' authority?": Eduard Budantsev on his version of Rochdelskaya shootout
Eduard Budantsev

The former KGB officer believes accomplices of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov wanted not only to chase up debt, but also to grab hold of Elements restaurant.⁠

Former employee of the USSR KGB and Regional Department for Combating Organized Crime, lawyer Eduard Budantsev gave testimonies at the trial against three employees of Presnensky police department, accused of inaction during the shooting beside Elements restaurant in Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow. During the hearing the retired officer reported new details of the events that took place on December 14, 2015.

The key defendant in the criminal story is involved in the case of negligence of the police as a victim – during the brawl his jaw was broken, and he got a concussion. According to Budantsev, the slaughterhouse could have been avoided if the law enforcers who arrived at the scene of the incident had made real attempts to cut short the conflict.

According to the lawyer, his client Zhanna Kim called number 02 roughly 20 times after armed people had broken into her restaurant.

"She said that she had faced threats to be taken away with her children in the trunk, after which I decided to go to the restaurant myself", – Budantsev explained.

Kim told the retired officer, who came to rescue her, that her friend Fatima Misikova was repairing the restaurant. For the work Misikova was paid 600 thousand euros. Armed people who broke into Kim’s restaurant said they represented the interests of construction organizations. They said that the money for the work done had not reached the builders. In addition, as it turned out, Misikova and Kim had a disputable debt of 1.5 million rubles ($26.6 thousand), which arose because the customer was dissatisfied with the quality and timing of the repair work. Armed people who appeared unexpectedly in the evening of December 14, 2015 demanded 8 million rubles ($142 thousand) from Kim for some reason.

"As a man who worked in the law enforcement system for many years, it was clear to me that this is extortion, the attack of a criminal group", – Budantsev said.

Budantsev claimed that an immediate reaction group arrived to the restaurant, which "did not react," and later left at all. After some time other police officers arrived, whom the victim listed by surnames: Shakirov, Fenichkin, Romashkin, Frolov and local police officer Zinatullin. Criminal investigation detective Shakirov said that he was on daily duty, and since there was no one else to do this, he offered Budantsev and Kim to come to him the day after tomorrow. At this time accomplice of thief in law Shakro Molodoy Andrey Kochuykov, nicknamed Italianets, approached the restaurant with three security guards. After the arrival of Kochuykov, all the law enforcement officers left the scene of the conflict, wishing "luck" to the opponents.

"I got the impression that they acted along with Kochuykov. It is clear to me that there was a certain idea between them", –Budantsev shared his opinion on the visit of law enforcement officers.


As a result, Italianets offered everyone to go out into the street to have a talk. In the street Budantsev's team was surrounded by Kochuykov's people and they told them that they were representatives of Shakro Molodoy.

"They tell me: "Do not you respect the thieves' authority?", – the victim recalls. Then he heard someone saying: "Beat up the bald one and load him into the trunk".

He was hit with a blunt object on the head, which caused him to suffer a serious concussion. "Then I remember how they detain me", – Budantsev said. He refused to share all the circumstances of the shootout, referring to the agreement of non-disclosure of the investigation data.


As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, Budantsev himself is accused of the murder of two people from among the people of Zakhar Kalashov, who participated in the shootout.



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