Dismissal of MIA Rostov Regional Administration Head - collapse of Vagan Karlik's influential cover 

Dismissal of MIA Rostov Regional Administration Head - collapse of Vagan Karlik's influential cover
The last from Kanevskiye - Vagan Nerkararyan, known as Vagan Karlik Photo: From the criminal case file

After March scandal Dmitry Tarasenko quietly retired. At the same time, the Rostov security officers neutralized influential criminal authority Vagan Nerkararyan. The CrimeRussia’s source reported that these events are interconnected.

The resonant history of detention of the now former Head of the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Rostov-on-Don Dmitry Tarasenko continues. In March, 2016 the police colonel got into very unpleasant situation. During a joint operation of employees of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Krasnodar Region and the Road Patrol Service two cars were stopped in the territory of Kurganinsk – GAZ 21 and Range Rover. The local authoritative businessman Nikolay Mkhitaryan, who according to the CrimeRussia’s source, is a member of Vagan Karlik’s criminal group, was at the wheel of the SUV. The Head of the Administration of the MIA in Rostov Dmitry Tarasenko was near him at the passenger seat. But here surprises did not end: the car’s trunk was literally filled by various weapons among which − Izh gun of the 79th caliber of 9 mm, two Reck mod cobra revolvers, tommy-gun AK 47 of the 47th caliber 7,62, two guns Saiga and etc. But it was only a start, it appeared that the found weapon was earlier stolen from the Police division No 3 of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Rostov-on-Don.

The withdrawn weapon The withdrawn weapon The withdrawn weapon The withdrawn weapon
The withdrawn weapon Photo from operational video
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Dmitry Tarasenko, who not only has a high police rank, but also is relative to the Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev, and also enters an environment of the ex-city manager of Rostov of Sergey Gorbanya, was in the most unenviable position. Tarasenko’s incident made a splash.


According to the version, which Tarasenko revealed to the media, that evening he performed confidential operation on return of the stolen from police weapon and Nikolay Mkhitaryan accompanying him – “not a crime lord, but an entrepreneur”, who owns cafes and hookah bars network Baghdad. For greater reliability, he added that “an authority would not feed children of the police". Meaning that once he personally appealed to Mkhitaryan, "to allow children of the police officers to play a little bit and sing songs in his karaoke club”.

However, according to the CrimeRussia’s source, Nikolay Mkhitaryan, nicknamed Tolsty (Fat) or Pingvin (Penguin), lives a double life. In one he is an authoritative Rostov businessman, in the second – a member of a criminal grouping of Vagan Karlik. Karlik, in the world − Vagan Nerkararyan – remaining of racketeers gang and murderer of now deceased thief in law Armen Kanevsky. According to the information of the CrimeRussia’s source, the weapon, gone from a police division, intended for use in criminal aims of the Karlik’s grouping.

Tarasenko managed to get out of the scandal story with small losses with the help of his acquaintance Sergey Gorban and his relationship to the Rostov Governor. As the CrimeRussia found out, the former Head of the Rostov police quietly retired after been withdrawal of the state. Mkhitaryan still continues to develop business successfully. Intelligence agencies are not interested in the information that in one of his institutions the entrepreneur installed equipment for hidden data recording, which recorded conversations of representatives of security agencies. Nevertheless, Mkhitaryan, got away clean and there is a possibility that those records helped him.

Ваган Неркарарян

But not at all persons involved in the March scandal were so lucky. Until recently destiny of the godfather of Nikolay Mkhitaryan - Vagan Nerkararyan was unknown. He, as the CrimeRussia’s source found out, was left without cover after Dmitry Tarasenko's dismissal from bodies (this service was provided to the criminal authority by the policeman). Then Vagan for a while went in shadow, but he could not keep himself from new crimes and got caught. The CrimeRussia obtained materials, proving that the leader of gang was under supervision for more than one month and that his crime was captured.

According to the available data, the Armenian authority developed rough activities in Rostov, extorting large sums of money for protection. He acted, being covered with false police officers for whom he allegedly extorted money from entrepreneurs. Thus, in May, 2016 the Field Investigation Unit for Personal Security of the General Administration of MIA of Russia in the Rostov Region received information from the operational sources that Vagan Nerkararyan, born in 1974, together with his son Vartan, allegedly acting for the benefit of police officers monthly extorted 450 thousand rubles from owners of Udachny Vybor network of shops.

In July, 2016 during investigation and search operations employees of the Field Investigation Unit for Personal Security of the MIA General Administration of Russia in the Rostov Region together with employees of the Separate Security Battalion and Criminal Investigations Directorate of the MIA General Administration of Russia with power support of fighters of the SOBR detected a fact of extortion of 420 thousand rubles by Vagan Karlik in Sadzhio restaurant at the address Bodraya St., 117. The injured entrepreneurs confirmed that the criminal extorted money to grant them relief from checks by unnamed police officers. In the same day, a criminal case was initiated over the performed inspection against Vagan Nerkararyan (No. 2016717174) on suspicion of crime execution, provided by part 3, Art. 30 and part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Vagan Karlik was detained according to Art. 91 of the Criminal Procedural Code of the Russian Federation, and later was taken into custody by the decision of court. 

From the criminal case file Из материалов уголовного дела
From the criminal case file
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The most remarkable in this story is that big connections of Vagan, so actively discussed in Rostov, did not help him this time. The CrimeRussia’s source draws a direct connection between the collapse of Dmitry Tarasenko and arrest of Vagan Karlik. However, Armenian authority was in the friendly relations not only with the former Chief of the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Rostov-on-Don. A considerable part of field investigators from criminal investigation department, with which the authority was in friendly relations, hid. His patrons from the Department for Economic Security and Corruption Control of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia also keep expected silence. Meanwhile gone to jail Vagan Karlik began to speak. It is yet poorly known what is he saying, but as a result of his revelations dismissals among security officers are expected. It means that in the nearest time there will be a continuation of this story and we will learn a lot of interesting.



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