Detentions of mafia enforcers and 'authorities' in Tashkent 

Detentions of mafia enforcers and 'authorities' in Tashkent
Bakhtiyar Kudratullayev (Bakhti Tashkentsky)

An unofficial pretext for detaining leaders of the criminal environment was an unleashed war between local and Russian thieves in law.

The capital of Uzbekistan is seeing law enforcement agencies conducting detentions of criminal 'authorities' and their associates. In particular, Tashkent mafia enforcer Abbas Khadzhayev was detained. He is accused of trying to sell 0.34 grams of heroin, Ozodlik reports. An informal reason for the detention was the unleashed war between local and Russian thieves in law. The latter are trying to neutralize Uzbek criminal authorities in order to appoint their enforcer.

According to sources familiar with the situation, in August representatives of Russian thieves came to Khadzhayev and demanded that they get control over Tashkent. But he did not agree. On September 9, unknown persons attacked 35-year-old Makhamadzhon Kurbanov, known by the nickname Makha, who is one of Khadzhayev's close associates.

Махамаджон Курбанов

Makhamadzhon Kurbanov

As a result of the attack, Kurbanov got knife wounds, his face was cut as well. "In the thieves' world such a knife attack is considered a challenge to 'authority'. This way they claimed that they took Abbas's place and neutralized him," a source close to the criminal world of Uzbekistan explained.

After that, the Tashkent police officers brought former thief in law Bakhtiyar Kudratullayev (Bakhti Tashkentsky or Bakhti Yangiabadsky) to the police station. After four hours' interrogation, he was released.

On September 16, two days after Abbas Khadzhayev was detained, a gathering of representatives of the criminal world took place in nightclub Brend, during which the question of appointing a new mafia enforcer in Tashkent was discussed.



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