Detention of Kakha Galsky associated with redistribution of influence between Shakro Molodoy and Osetrina

Detention of Kakha Galsky associated with redistribution of influence between Shakro Molodoy and Osetrina
Kakhaber Parpaliya and Eduard Asatryan

Earlier, Kakhaber Parpaliya repeatedly expressed fears for his freedom in connection with the threats of Osetrina to eliminate him with the hands of the security forces.

In the criminal environment, the detention in Moscow of a thief in law and, until recently, the holder of the Russian “common fund” Kakhaber Parpaliya (Kakha Galsky) is explained by his long-standing conflict with the crime boss Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrin), Rosbalt reports citing a source familiar with the situation.

Detention of the thief in law was quite expected. With the beginning of the conflict with Osetrina, a real hunt of security officials on Parpaliya went on. So, a few months ago, his Russian passport was declared invalid, there was a question about the deportation of Kakha from the country with a ban on entry.

According to a source, lately Kakha Galsky was constantly under threat of arrest or expulsion from the country. At some point he even left the capital, and then Russia, but recently returned. Understanding that the law enforcers "breathe into his back," Parpaliya tried not to hold any meetings, and mostly stayed in his mansion on Rublyovskoye highway.

However, a few days ago, for some business, he had to go to Moscow, where, at the entrance the limousine of the thief in law and escort vehicles with security guards were stopped by traffic police. Then Special Rapid Deployment Force began to work. Parpaliya, understanding how this would end, pushed the policemen away, shouting that they wanted to plant something at his possession. As a result, a bag of "white powder" was found in his personal belongings.

Thus, the closest associate of the former “thief in law No. 1”, Zakharia Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) and one of those who after the arrest of Shakro defended his interests at liberty and had never been tried, ended up behind bars.

Meanwhile, behind a personal conflict between Edik Osetrina and Kakha Galsky, there is a larger-scale redistribution of spheres of influence, according to sources in the criminal world.

After the arrest of Shakro Molodoy, the ambitious Asatryan waited for a certain time, making sure that in the near future the “thief in law No. 1” would not be released, and began to try to extend his influence to the south of Russia, the “masters” of which, including the Rostov and Krasnodar region, at that time were considered relatives of Zakharia Kalashov – thieves in law David Ozmanov (Dato), Nodar Asoyan (Nodar Rustavsky) and Shalva Ozmanov (Kuso).

Kalashov's relatives with the support of Kakha Galsky successfully fought off the Osetrina's claims, so he tried to get the support of Parpaliya. The main Asatryan's ace for all the thieves in law is unchanged – the promise to organize complete immunity from prosecution of the siloviki. However, Parpaliya refused, calling it a betrayal of Shakro's interests.

Obviously, Asatryan and Parpaliya did not conflict, even communicated. However, representatives of the criminal environment who know Asatryan understood that he was not going to stop. This is evidenced by the fact that all the Osetrina's enemies are either deported from Russia or put in prison. Thus, in early November, Shalva Ozmanov (Kuso) was detained in Krasnodar. A month later Parpaliya went to jail. Now the road to the south of Russia is open to Osetrina.



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