Detention of Guli’s envoy - investigation into conflict inside Azerbaijan’s diaspora

Detention of Guli’s envoy - investigation into conflict inside Azerbaijan’s diaspora
Zaur Novruzov

Details on detention of Zaur Novruzov have become known.

Conflict of interests of representatives of Azerbaijanian diaspora in Russia’s Samara region has shown its peaking index, reports SO-Online, noting that the region is too much angry with methods applied by a ‘thief in law’ Nadir Salifov (aka Guli) who is currently living in the United Arab Emirates.

That’s why, according to sources of SO-Online, arrangement of abduction of a businessman from Togliatti Kamal Guluev had been actively investigated here. Nevertheless, Guluev escaped with slight shock.

He was abduction on Primorsky boulevard near a sports complex Olymp on December 18, 2015. He was being detained in a private house in the territory of Saratov region. On December 22 of that year, he was released by a paid-up guard. 2 persons are serving their sentences on charges of abduction, but now, there’s another case to be expected: in November-December, 2018, calls from phone numbers registered in Turkey, Ukraine and the UAE started coming to a mobile phone of a director of Berkut cafe Yalchin Aliev. Unknown parties demanded 5 million rubles (roughly $80 thousand) from the businessman. From all appearances, it was about a pooled cash fund of Guli.

In March, 2019, Molotov cocktail was thrown in a window of an office of a construction company Investstroy located on 6, Nagornaya street. The damage to the company was estimated at 500 thousand rubles ($7.8 thousand). Owners of Investstroy are Azerbaijanian brothers Janaleddin and Khikmet Soltanovs who - just like Aliev - had received the same phone calls and threats.

SO-Online notes the interests of Guli in the region are represented by an entrepreneur Zaur Novruzov. In April, 2019, Novruzov held a ‘convention’ in Samara. Around 30 members of Azerbaijanian diaspora visited it. Among other issues, receiving of money from Azerbaijanian entrepreneurs for the pooled cash fund was discussed at the ‘convention’. Many were not happy about the demand, and conflict occurred. Novruzov’s opponents accused him of the fact that he pockets most of the funds received. Fight - including stabbing - broke out. Novruzov was stabbed in the hand. 32-year-old Yalchin Tamazanov who accompanied Novruzov was taken to a hospital with knife wounds in the chest.

On May 10, 2019, shooting took place. Parties from Novruzov’s entourage - Tamazanov and Elchin Khalilov - were injured. The injured, however, refused medical treatment. Later, they left Samara region.

After the incidents, Novruzov was detained. Drugs were found during the personal search. Guli’s envoy pleads not guilty, stating the drugs had been planted. SO-Online assumes it looks like methods of business dealing applied by Guli are no longer appreciated by someone.



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