Details of mob Naum's ally murder revealed

Details of mob Naum's ally murder revealed
The tomb of thief in law Naum in Vitebsk

The killers murdered the treasurer and all the heirs of his business, which is still flourishing.

After 16 years, the investigation described the details of Belarusian common fund keeper Oleg Zilberman’s murder. The killer was found and detained, head of the criminal militia of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Vitebsk region Valery Trofimov told Nasha Niva.

Zilberman was the keeper of one of the first Belarusian thieves in law Pyotr Naumenko, aka Naum. Naumenko was crowned in 1992 and was a classic mob: he lived ascetic, drove Zhiguli. Naumenko collected money throughout Belarus, after which the finances were transferred to Oleg Zilberman. Zilberman, in turn, distributed the money and transferred to the needs of prisoners. The common fund accumulated about 10 million dollars.

In 1994, Naum was detained, and a year later he died in jail. Zilberman was also engaged in construction business. When the Belarusian market became small for him, he moved to Russia, in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The businessman visited Vitebsk from time to time.

In the winter of 2002, Oleg Zilberman came to Vitebsk for the last time. On the morning of February 8, he met a killer, disguised as a homeless person. He shot the businessman from the gun, and then calmly left.

One of the main versions was the contract killings; the alleged motive was the commercial activities of the victim. It turned out that shortly before the murder someone threw a grenade at the window of his apartment in Beloyarsk (KhMAO-Ugra). Zilberman got a conflict with Russian shot callers that wished to receive the income from the common fund.

The Belarusian police could not reach the primary suspect. The investigation on the case was ongoing, but no significant results were achieved.

A year later, in December 2003, two unidentified men shot the son of Oleg Zilberman, who had inherited and successfully led his father's business.

"Having studied the evidence, they came to the conclusion that both murders were the work of the same people, that's why they united the materials," said the police colonel.  “Investigators found out that the demands to share incomes were also put in to the murdered young man by the same criminal from Beloyarsk that terrorized his father."

The friend of the family supported them. He was also killed. The fourth was to be his colleague, the chief engineer of the enterprise. The killers ambushed them in April 2004 near the apartment in Beloyarsk. The engineer got lucky: when the shooting began, a fatal wounded friend managed to push him back into the apartment.

After that, Russian operatives detained a resident of Kerch, who flew to Beloyarsk just before the murder. Detectives also established the identity of the others men. The entire trio was part of one of the largest criminal groups in the region.

In 2005, the second suspect appeared. During the interrogation, the detainee confessed to complicity in crimes and told about customers. They were hired by a resident of St. Petersburg, a friend of a famous businessman. The latter was doing business in Beloyarsk, and Zilberman’s company was its competitor.

Law enforcement officers did not manage to detain the third killer for a long time - he was on the run. Only in 2006, after the commission of another crime, he was arrested.

"As for that very firm, it, having lost its founders and leaders, continued its activities. Moreover, it runs successfully to this day: the firm builds residential houses, significant facilities in Beloyarsk, including the Sports Palace and one of the buildings of the hospital," Valery Trofimov said.



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