Details of assassination attempt on Dzhambik of Neverovskie OCG: businessman was shot in his own house

Details of assassination attempt on Dzhambik of Neverovskie OCG: businessman was shot in his own house
The operative sources believe that Dzhambik used to be financier for Sergey Neverov

Details have appeared about an assassination attempt on Tolyatti businessman Oleg Zaguzov known as Dzhambik.

Details related to the attempted murder of a 47-year-old Tolyatti businessman Oleg Zaguzov, known as Dzhambik in criminal circles, have leaked. The offense has been committed using firearms.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the attempted assassination took place on August 19 in a neighboring city of Tolyatti, Zhigulevsk. Following the incident, the law enforcement authorities initiated a criminal case under Attempted Murder.

According to the details leaked, the incident involving Oleg Zaguzov, former Head of Promrezerv LLC, occurred at the end of the last week. Late in the evening, the man in a coma was taken to hospital from his home located on Dzerzhinsky lane. Doctors diagnosed gunshot wounds to the chest and arms. The law enforcement officers found and seized six cartridges and two 5.56mm bullets at the scene.

According to the CrimeRussia, over the last few years, Oleg Zaguzov’s name has popped up in the criminal news every now and then. The operative sources believe that Oleg Dzhambik Zaguzov used to be financier for the head of Sergey Neverov’s (Never) influential organized crime group. After the criminal leader moved to Ukraine for permanent residence, he started losing influence and power in the region under his control. It resulted in repartitions of spheres of influence and business in the crime group. According to experts, the investigators may find Never’s trace during the investigation of the attempted murder of Dzhambik.

It is noted that Sergey Zaguzov has been a witness and a victim in several criminal cases against the members of the once powerful Tolyatti organized crime group of Sergey Neverov (Never). The businessman had also been suspected of ordering a hit on his opponents, but no evidence against him has ever been found.



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