Defense team to ask court to acquit Shakro Molodoy 

Defense team to ask court to acquit Shakro Molodoy
Zakhary Kalashov in the Nikulinsky District Court

The army of lawyers of Zakhary Kalashov, Andrey Kochuykov and other defendants in a scandalous case of extortion from the Elements restaurant owner is preparing to address the court on February 19.

The defendants’ lawyers will address the Nikulinsky District Court during oral argument concerning extortion charges pressed against Zakhary Kalashov aka Shakro Molodoy and his right hand Andrey Kochuykov aka Italyanets.

The defendants have 18 lawyers, according to Business FM.

As Kalashov’s lawyer Aleksandr Gofshteyn told Business FM, he is going to ask the court to acquit his client because the defense team believes “it is not possible to convict the defendants in this case.”

Kochuykov’s lawyer Konstantin Trapaidze noted that Kalashov prohibited anyone from participating in any events on his behalf, especially when it comes to this particular case. “Perhaps someone had asked him for something like that, but he ordered my client to not interfere with this particular case,” Trapaidze said.

Kochuykov had insisted he just stood up for designer Misikova, his partner, who had called him. Kochuykov claimed he did not demand money from Zhanna Kim and wanted to settle everything peacefully. However, Eduard Budantsev ruined everything by inciting the conflict and firing at his bodyguards from a pistol, according to Kochuykov.

“It has not been proved Kochuykov is guilty. The worst one could charge him with is vandalism,” the lawyer told Business FM. He said the conflict escalated into a gunfight due to Budantsev clashing with Kochuykov’s bodyguards and Kim reacting inadequately.

“However, the investigators ignored this fact, so people who did not have anything to do with what happened were charged alongside Kochuykov. They were just contractors,” the lawyer added, saying that charges against the construction workers are groundless.


Andrey Kochuykov

Trapaidze said Kochuykov did not threaten Kim. “He could have been more neutral, sure. But he was quite polite and said he was going to help settle everything since he has come anyway. But that is not a crime. No one tried to extort anything from anyone,” Trapaidze insists.

Kochuykov’s lawyers said they may ask the court to at least go easy on their client if it does not agree to acquit him. Batyr Bekmuradov’s lawyer Garri Mirzoyan also said his client accused of extorting money from businessman Lev Garamov is innocent.

Bekmuradov has borrowed Lev Garamov 3 million rubles ($53,200), who had been initiallt repaying but then stopped, according to the lawyer. Bekmuradov simply wanted his money back.

To recall, the prosecutors asked the Nikulinsky District Court to convict crime lord Zakhary Kalashov of extortion and sentence him to 10 years in high security prison. It happened on February 16. Prosecutors asked to give other defendants 7.5- to 9.5-year custodial sentences and fine them 300 to 700 thousand rubles ($5,300 to 12,400).

Thief in law Zakhary Kalashov and crime lord Andrey Kochuykov are the key defendants. Kochuykov was sent by Kalashov to Elements on the Rodchelskaya Street to make sure designer Fatima Misikova finally got paid on December 14, according to the investigators. He took security guards working for his private security company Zaslon with him.


Eduard Budantsev

Kim’s lawyers work for the Diktatura Zakona law firm. They are led by former KGB agent and police officer Eduard Budantsev. The conflict escalated into a gunfight. 8 people were wounded. Filipp Domaskin and Aleksey Kitaev were killed from Budantsev’s Beretta. He was initially charged with violation of article 105 (Murder) of the Russian Criminal Code but then he was charged with violation of Articles 108, part 1 (Murder Committed in Excess of the Requirements of Justifiable Defence or in Excess of the Measures Needed for the Detention of a Person Who Has Committed a Crime) and 114 (Infliction of a Grave Injury or Injury of Average Gravity in Excess of the Requirements of Justifiable Defence or in Excess of the Measures Needed for the Detention of a Person Who Has Committed a Crime) of the Code instead. Both charges were pressed too long ago and are no longer enforceable, so they are expected to be dismissed soon.



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