Defendant in Shakro Molodoy's case left in custody until April 21

Defendant in Shakro Molodoy's case left in custody until April 21
Shakro Molodoy

The Moscow court extended the detention of former Acting Head of the Department of Internal Affairs Presnensky (DIA) Denis Romashkin, who is the defendant in Shakro Molodoy's case.

Former Acting Head of the DIA Presnensky Denis Romashkin will remain in custody until April 21, 2017. The decision to extend the term of detention to Shakro Molodoy's case defendant was given by the Presnensky Court of Moscow on Monday, January 9th.

Recall that Romashkin was arrested on September 30, 2016. He and several other officers of the Moscow police are charged with abuse of authority. According to investigators, law enforcement officers did not intentionally prevent the gunfight at the capital's Elements restaurant at Rochdelskaya Street, occurred in December of 2015. Armed conflict broke out between the people representing the interests of owner of the restaurant Joanna Kim, and criminal authorities, defending the position of designer Fatima Misikova, who insisted on the return of a debt in the amount of 8 million rubles.

As a result, in respect to Zakhar Kalashov, known as the kingpin Shakro Molodoy, a criminal case was initiated. Investigators insist that it was he, who organized the extortion of 8 million rubles from the hostess of the restaurant.



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