Ded Hasan’s killer was eliminated by Turkish kurds

Ded Hasan’s killer was eliminated by Turkish kurds

The edition Rosbalt, referring to a source, told about the meeting of Rovshan Dzhaniev with members of his gang in Istanbul hotel on the day of death.

Well-known criminal authority Rovshan Dzhaniev, nicknamed Rovshan Lenkoranskiy, was killed in Istanbul on the night of 18 August. According to the basic version, Dzhaniev was involved in the murder of the influential thief in law Aslan Usoyan, nicknamed Ded Hasan.

The source of Rosbalt said that in the evening of August 17 Rovshan Lenkoransky met with the members of his gang in the hotel restaurant in Istanbul. After talking with his accomplices, thief in law sat on the back seat of his Range Rover, driven by a driver. Behind another one drove up the car with bodyguards. The first car has sharply jerked forward and cut out some maintenance.

Suddenly the Range Rover has come under heavy fire for at least three shooters. After the first machine was finished, the killers came to destroy the machine with bodyguards, but the driver was able to back in time and escape the line of fire. The very same thief in law with multiple gunshot wounds was taken to hospital, where he died. It was decided to bury Dzhaniev in his homeland - Azerbaijan.

The source of the edition believed that the actual perpetrators of the killings were the Kurds, and the customers were thieves in law. The main reason for the elimination of Rovshan Lenkoranskiy is considered to be revenge for the murder of Ded Hasan.



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