Ded Hasan, common fund and ECHR in case of Nizhny Tagil authority's murder 

Ded Hasan, common fund and ECHR in case of Nizhny Tagil authority's murder
Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan)

In 2002, Vladimir Mashinskii paid for number one thief was going to give him a local common fund.

This story happened in 2002, when in Nizhny Tagil local criminal authority Vladimir Mashinskii was killed. November 17, in the barbershop, where at that time was Mashinskii, the unknown broke into and shot from rifles the authority and girl-hairdresser. Up until February 2016, about the incident nothing was heard until the information on the identification of the alleged killers has appeared. The suspects in the case are Roman Pogudin, Andrey Ivanov and Sergey Bychkov, whose lawyers are going to reach the European Court.

According to, soon, investigators of the fourth Investigation Department of the ICR in the Sverdlovsk region, who now are dealing with this case, plan to petition for the extension of a preventive measure to defendants.

At the same time, the defender of Bychkov Igor Isaev told the edition that the prosecution lost a key argument in the form of Pogodin’s testimony. After another hearing on the extension of the preventive measure, he said that slandered Bychkov. And these data, according to the lawyer, allowed investigators to build a complete version of the crime. According to it, the organizer of the Mashinskii’s murder was Tagil authority Emzar Arakelov (Roma Gruzin), the member of the famous gang in the Middle Urals controlled by kingpin Korogly Mamedov (Karo).

Короглы Мамедов («Каро»), слева

Korogly Mamedov (Karo), left

Earlier the assassination then-main kingpin of the country Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) visited the city. He found a large shortage in stored in Karo common fund and ordered to transfer it to Mashinskii, whom he was going to crown in the near future.

According to Pogodin, Karo, in response, decided to eliminate the competitor.

For this case, Roma Gruzin hired already known to us Pogodin, Ivanov, Bychkov, as well as member of his gang Alexey Golovnin. As an advance criminals got 7 thousand dollars, the same amount they were promised after the execution of the order.

At the same time, according to the Bychkov’s lawyer, his client was not involved in the murder of Mashinskii, but was intentionally perjured by Pogodin. Thus, he avenged Bychkov for his testimony against Pogodin in another case. In 2003, the Leninsky District Court of Nizhny Tagil sentenced Pogodin to 13 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony for participation in Arakelov’s gang, which robbed trucks on the highways. Arakelov was sentenced to 17 years, Ivanov was jailed for 10 years. Bychkov acted as a witness for the prosecution in the process.

Arakelov could not explain anything, because he died in prison of tuberculosis. Karo is serving an 8-year sentence received in 2013 for extortion. However, whether he was questioned in this case – it is unknown.

According to another interlocutor of the edition, Karo had nothing to do with it. According to him, Mashinskii removed other authority, the name of whom he did not mention. At some point, Mashinskii decided to take control of the resale of stolen with Uralvagonzavod details and crossed the road to someone from the ‘office’. However, Karo, as well as some Karasev’s gang were fighting for a place in this business.

The Bychkov’s protection is preparing to apply to the European Court of Human Rights. According to lawyer Perov, the defense intends to appeal decisions of Tagil courts that during the year unreasonably prolong the preventive measure at the request of the investigation and disregard his applications.



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