Decrowned thief in law Yashka Bakinsky murdered

Decrowned thief in law Yashka Bakinsky murdered
Balakhmed Balakhmedov aka Yashka Bakinsky

A distant relative killed the 65-year-old former thief.⁠

Decrowned thief in law Balakhmed Balakhmedov, aka Yashka Bakinsky, was killed in his own house in Lokbatan village of the Garadagh district of Azerbaijan.

According to the agency Sputnik, the murderer of the 65-year-old Balakhmedov was his distant relative Elkhan Agaev, born in 1976, who was previously convicted three times. It is known that men had a conflict. Several months ago, Elkhan Agaev questioned the authority and significance of his relative, who spent almost 40 years behind bars. Not tolerating such humiliations, Yashka Bakinsky inflicted a knife wound on Aghaev. Sources do not specify information about the nature of the gravity and the location of the wound.

Nevertheless, Agaev harbored resentment and decided to take revenge on Balakhmedov. On May 22, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, he burst into the house of Yashka Bakinsky and stabbed him in the bed.

Elkhan Agaev was detained by the siloviki in hot pursuit. On this fact, the Garadagh District Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case.


Balakhmed Balakhmedov (Yashka Bakinsky) spent 38 years behind bars, in particular, he had a term in prison for especially dangerous criminals Vladimirsky central. He also served time in Upper Urals, Tyumen and Makhachkala prisons. According to some reports, he received the first conviction for the murder of his wife. During one of the imprisonments he was crowned, but later lost his title. In recent years, Balakhmedov led a quiet life in Azerbaijan.



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