Decrowned thief in law Nedelya detained in France 

Decrowned thief in law Nedelya detained in France
Andrey Nedzelsky

In the light of the numerous conflicts with other Ukrainian thieves, being arrested on the Cote d'Azur is the lesser evil for Nedelya.

June 26, Andrey Nedzelsky aka Andrey Lvovsky and Nedelya was detained in Nice.

French police detained the enforcer for the central and western regions of Ukraine based on the European warrant for arrest, issued at the request of Interpol, which had declared Nedelya wanted for a fake passport of a Hungarian citizen.

In Hungary, the thief, who currently awaits extradition to that country in a French prison, faces an imprisonment of up to 5 years, according to the country's legislation.

Nedelya was among more than 300 holders of fake Hungarian passports, whom the EU police identified and put on the wanted list after a criminal scheme for the mass production of counterfeit documents with the citizenship of Hungary had been exposed a year ago in Transcarpathia.

There is no reason to doubt that the France will extradite Nedzelsky to Hungary based on the so-called European arrest warrant, introduced by member countries of the European Union to simplify the procedure of extradition. Such an order provides for the automatic execution of a request for transfer of an alleged offender without checking its contents.

Meanwhile, Nedelya's high status in Ukraine and the strong attorney's support gives him every chance of receiving a minimum sentence in Hungary. 


Andrey Nedzelsky (aka Nedelya, Andrey Lvovsky) was 'crowned' in the winter of 2012 in Greece, where there were about 40 thieves in law from different clans at that time. This hapenned soon after the death of the notorious Ukrainian thief in law Sergey Mamedov in November 2011, the member of whose inner circle was Nedelya.

Let us recall that Nedzelsky's thief status was suspended in mid-June at a meeting in Greece, where several thieves in law currently stay. The reason was Nedelya's conflict with his former 'godfather' David Sebiskveradze (Dato Kutaissky), who had been recently released.


Thief in law David Sebiskveradze

Dato Kutaissky asked the holder of the common fund to give him a large amount of money, but Nedelya refused to do so. In addition, he ignored another Greek meeting, at which it was planned to discuss Nedzelsky's conflict with other Ukrainian thieves. Earlier, a number of Georgian thieves in law had suspected him of cooperation with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, and one of them, Sergo Glonti (Guga), claimed that his recent arrest in Odessa was connected to it.   



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