De-crowned Mumu caught stealing

De-crowned Mumu caught stealing
Oleg Slutsky

This March, Oleg Slutsky and other Belarusian thieves in law were declared persona non-grata in Russia on the orders of Minister Kolokoltsev.

Oleg Gerasimovich (aka Mumu or Oleg Slutsky), a 43-year-old former thief in law, was detained for stealing in the Belarusian city of Slutsk. A criminal case has been initiated against him. Mumu stole a wallet from a woman who had joined him and his friend in a cafe. Gerasimovich has been placed in the pre-trial detention center of Zhodino.

Mumu was thief-crowned in December 2012 in Dubai, along with Pashtet, Medvezhonok and Lebed. They joined the so-called 'anti-Hasan' clan. Oleg Gerasimovich was one of the contenders for the post of a new Sverdlovsk region underboss. He has been detained and deported from the Russian Federation a  number of times.

In 2014, there was a collective decision at one of the gatherings that each of the Dubai four men were to lose their thief crowns. In March 2017, MIA Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev decided that the Belarusian thieves in law (the above-mentioned as well as Galey and Sasha Kushner) were no longer welcome in Russia for a lifetime.

According to Nikolai Karpenkov, the Head of the State Security Ministry of Belarus, "the criminals were surrounded on all sides and the ways of retreat have been cut off." "Each Russian thief in law gets arrested as soon as he shows up here, and then is sent back. That’s what the Russians did to our thieves as well, as we know," said the Belarus official in an interview.



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