Dato Surgutsky alienates entire criminal underworld by vetting new vor 

Dato Surgutsky alienates entire criminal underworld by vetting new vor
Dato Surgutsky

A new member of the Sukhumsky's clan “reinvigorated” thieves in law.

Last week, there was a mob summit headed by thief in law David Chkhikvishvili (Dato Surgutsky) in Turkey. It was attended by Teymuraz Nemsitsveridze (Tsripa), Roman Dzhafarov (Romik Kurd), Teymuraz Churadze (Aleko), Lasha Dogonadze (Lasha Pitersky), Vladimir Dzotsenidze (Valera Kutaissky), and Gocha Dzhincharadze (Kursha). It resulted in the appearance of a new thief in law - a native of Central Asia, Adkham (or Aktan, according to other sources) Samarkandsky. Although, Dzhincharadze opposed Adkham becoming a thief and told the criminal world about what happened.

Gocha Dzhincharadze (Kursha)

Gocha Dzhincharadze (Kursha)

As reported by Rosbalt, this vetting caused a storm of indignation among many reputable thieves. Not only did it break the veto imposed by Shakro Molodoy, but it was held, according to some, with the participation of people not entitled to such actions. Another reason is that it could have been held in commercial interests. Others say that the vetted person is not even worthy of this title.

It all started with the fact that a major businessman from Uzbekistan, who is currently hiding in Turkey and who owed one of his compatriots $50 million, turned to Adkham for help. The latter introduced him to Dato Surgutsky and Tsripa. In turn, the creditor contacted Bakhti Tashkentsky, the only vor in Uzbekistan. Thief in law Khuseyn Akhmadov came to the mob summit in Turkey on his behalf, but the meeting was unsuccessful.  The confrontation of the parties continues to grow, and the debtor makes significant contributions for his defense, including by sponsoring the vetting of Adkham. Although, it is formally said that he was vetted to hep oppose Bakhti Tashkentsky on equal terms. 

Бахти Ташкентский (по центру)

Bakhti Tashkentsky (center)

Various thieves oppose the vetting, including representatives of the Kutaissi clan of Tariel Oniani, a member of which is Dato Surgutsky, as well as his historical opponents.

For example, Vasily Khristoforov (Vasya Voskres) noted that he had personally participated in the beating of Dzhafarov, who participated in this vetting, after which he was declared “not a thief,” and his status is now in limbo. Therefore, he was not authorized to take part in the voting. In addition, Dato Surgutsky himself approved the decision made at the Yerevan meeting in 2015 on suspending new vettings, and now he has violated the moratorium.

It was previously reported that the vetting initiators tried to get around this by turning directly to Shakro Molodoy, but he refused. He was supported by his relatives - David Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky) and Nodari Asoyan (Nodar Rustavsky), who currently represent the interests of Kalashov in the south of the country. 

In turn, Adkham supporters said that Shakro was “no Czar and boss” and had as much say-so as everyone else.

Chechen thieves in law, including Khuseyn Akhmadov (Khuseyn Slepoy) also opposed the whole thing, recalling that when Adkham was serving an 8-year sentence in a UAE prison, he was beaten up by their compatriots for trying to impose his own rules.

Хусейн Слепой

Khuseyn Slepoy

It is known that Adkham was raised in Uzbekistan. In 2000s, he started dealing with international pimping: sending women of pleasure to the United Arab Emirates. Later, he moved to Dubai, as well. There, he once ordered to punish a competitor woman who reported to a sheik she knew after beating. Adkham was immediately arrested and condemned. It was then when he proclaimed himself a holder of natives of the Central Asia in a local prison. Chechen inmates who were there, as well, did not like this statement. They - through their channels - inquired of ‘thieves in law’ who were in their motherland what exactly Adkham was and who had appointed him the holder. The Chechens did not receive a reasonable reply and drew their conclusions.

After his release, Adkham Samarkandsky became a friend of Lasha Dogonadze (aka Lasha Pitersky) who had recently been ‘crowned’ by a clan of Taro and Merab Sukhumsky. They continued considering themselves the holders of natives of the Central Asia by ’shaking them down’. Samarkandsky also started communicating with a member of the Brotherly circle Gafur Rakhimov (aka Gafur Cherny) who was once in the OAE when was forced to live abroad. Cherny noted that he had never been a friend of Adkham and never contributed to his ‘crowning’, even though he knew him. However, according to other reports, it was none other than Gafur Cherny who had promoted Adkham to ’thieves’.

Гафур Рахимов

Gafur Cherny

After a while, Dogonadze and Adkham moved to Turkey, having come into contact with Rovshan Janiev (aka Rovshan Lenkoransky), but it did not stop Adkham from switching a camp for his enemy - Nadir Salifov (aka Guli) following murder of Janiev in 2016. However, Guli did not take interest in Adkham and never contributed to his promotion in the criminal hierarchy. Besides that, he once took part in beating of Churadze, so now he hardly ever recognizes Adkham as the ‘thief’.

Criminal ‘generals’ Roland Gegechkori (aka Roland Shlyapa) and Merabi Mzarelua (aka Duyake) have already announced they did not recognize the decision of the ‘convention’. Members of Sukhumi clan - ‘thieves’ Merab Bakhia (aka Bakha-Bakha), Roin Uglava (aka Matevich) and Koba Akhvlediani (aka Koba Sukhumsky) - stated they had not been informed about the ‘convention’.

Now, the criminal ‘generals’ are to decide how to punish the participants of the ‘convention’ that had taken place in Turkey. Most of them are tilting toward the option that all of them would face the music at the major ‘convention’ that is expected to take place in the near future outside Russia.



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