Czech Republic authorities fail to disclose Robson's main secret  

Czech Republic authorities fail to disclose Robson's main secret
After reports on the Internet Ruben Tatulian provided the media with his photographs taken in Karlovy Vary himself.

A friend and partner of thieves in law, once endowed himself with the functions of mafia enforcer for a part of the south of Russia, becomes a diplomat and enjoys immunity for covering, for example, his participation in such meetings. However, the history of modern Russia witnessed many examples when representatives of the criminal environment penetrate into power and use this position for their own, far from the noblest purposes.

The Czech incident with the participation of the assistant to State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin, sponsor of sports events, President of the Fight Federation the city of Sochi and the owner of the Sochi aqua park, and also, as confirmed, the Armenian diplomat, does not cease to stir up the Internet. According to one highly specialized media outlet, on May 13 Karlovy Vary witnessed the detention of authoritative businessman Ruben Tatulian under very curious circumstances. The situation was fascinating because of the person he spent his overseas leisure with. According to available information, those who organically fit into the event, thieves in law Gayoz Zviadadze (Giya Kutaissky), Gela Kardava (Gela) and his newly crowned ‘godson’ Dmitry Zabrodin participated in the meeting, which the media called thieves’ gathering, together with him. It was reported that a ‘coronation’ of two new criminals was planned to take place at the meeting, and Ruben Tatulian took all the financial expenses for its organization. Why Tatulyan needed to sponsor this meeting is an open question, and there may be mass guesses about the issue, given the rich biography of the Sochi businessman.

Anyway, instantly rocketed information about the disruption of the event with the participation of Tatulyan and notorious criminals made a stir, after which some had to make excuses for a long time. However, to call everything the media wrote about this "prepaid nonsense" is not an excuse. The very next day some media, mainly Armenian, published an official document issued by the police of Karlovy Vary to Tatulian's lawyer. It says that "the police department for foreigners of the Regional Office of the Karlovy Vary Region informs that on May 13, 2017, there was no restriction of personal freedom against Ruben Tatulian while controlling the residence in Karlovy Vary".

So, everyone who in one form or another reported that Tatulian was overtaken by the Czech police was accused of lying, and the journalists were called "corrupt". But were the journalists cunning?

Probably, it is worth reminding that Ruben Tatulian, known in narrow circles as Robson, at one time was a mafia enforcer for a part of the south of Russia, his influence extended not only to the city of Sochi. The still-living Aslan Usoyan rendered this ‘honor’ to him. It is not the first year that one can find joint photos of Ded Khasan and his southern ‘emissary’ in the open access. However, Tatulian liked to capture himself not only in the company of the criminal ‘patriarch’, but also with other, no less famous persons of the criminal world. Paradoxically, Usoyan's protege to this day persistently denies the obvious things captured in the photo, stating that this is an "edit" and a "forgery". He began to refute the fact of meeting with Czech detectives in the same zealous way, and just preferred to keep silent about the fact of his presence in Karlovy Vary on May, 13. However, a few days after the reports on the Internet and news stories on central television channels, he provided the media with his photographs taken in Karlovy Vary.

Рубен Татулян и Аслан Усоян

Ruben Tatulian and Aslan Usoyan


Ruben Tatulian and Vagon


Gia Dangadze, Boris Sulava (Kicho), Vakho Chachanidze, Ruben Tatulian (Robson)

The number of questions concerning Tatulian's participation in the scandalous meeting is only growing, therefore, The CrimeRussia decided to clarify the situation by addressing the competent authorities of the Czech Republic with the relevant question. Communication was not easy and gave rise to new questions. While drafting requests to the law enforcement agencies of the Czech Republic, we took into account the authoritativeness and extensive connections of Ruben Tatulian not only in the criminal environment, but also in the judiciary of Russia, in particular, with a number of high-ranking judges of the Supreme Court, as well as the President of Armenia and State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin, with whom he works as an assistant and at every opportunity he trumps the corresponding ‘jacket’. By the way, according to the NCB of Interpol, in December 2004 Tatulyan, who previously had surname Karakeyan, was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport with a stolen passport of a citizen of Slovenia, which also makes one think.

Рубен Татулян и Александр Карелин

Ruben Tatulian and Alexander Karelin

So, it was the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic who answered our request first, explaining that if the incident occurred in the territory of Karlovy Vary, then they would be able to explain it to the city police. The police of Karlovy Vary politely redirected us to the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, giving contact of the press secretary of the department.

Theresa Sheybalova, in turn, said during a telephone conversation that "nothing will be said" on the issue of interest to us. On the clarifying question, whether she refutes or confirms the information we have, she repeated that "nothing will be said". At the same time, the press secretary of the Czech Ministry of Justice noted that she had been warned in advance from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic about our call. It's curious, if in the Czech Republic they always worry so much when it comes to official comments about the detention of Russian citizens, or all this concerns the detention of ‘special citizens’? As we understand it, Ruben Tatulyan, who presented the passport of the Armenian diplomat in the course of communication with the employees of the Office for Combating Organized Crime of the MIA of the Czech Republic, falls under this category. We decided to contact the police of Karlovy Vary again and, referring to the position of Theresa Sheybalova, which was not quite clear to us, we asked, if they had detained Ruben Tatulyan on May 13 in Karlovy Vary.

Тереза Шейбалова

Theresa Sheybalova

We received the following answer:

"Good afternoon. I can provide the following information on your question: on 13.5.2017 the person mentioned by you was not detained or restricted in freedom in Karlovy Vary. He was only subjected to a check by the migration police of the Karlovy Vary Region, during which he provided a valid Armenian diplomatic passport. A criminal or any other case was not initiated against the person you are interested in".

So, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic confirmed the main thing: on May 13, it was Ruben Tatulian, who was in Karlovy Vary and presented a diplomatic document to the police. It is unknown under what circumstances Tatulian's communication with the police officers happend, but let us recall the phrase of the press secretary of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic that she was "warned in advance" about our call. So, perhaps, all this 'mystery covered with gloom' was created so that journalists casually did not inflate the scandal of the international level? A man, who has been depictured in the photo with famous thieves in law, suddenly became the face of Armenian diplomacy? And against the backdrop of persistent rumors that Tatulyan tried to get the ‘jacket’ for a long time and in all possible ways, including trivial purchase, he became its owner, and it casts a shadow on the reputation of Armenian diplomacy.


For the first time Tatylian's membership in Armenian diplomatic mission was mentioned in February 2016 - then his diplomatic ‘jacket’ came into the spotlight for the first time. There is a video recording from the surveillance cameras of the Sochi airport, where Robson roughly breaks traffic rules and demonstrates the behavior of a road hog. In the video two black tinted Gelandewagen are moving along the first line of the airport. The arrival to the first line of the airport complex takes place on the pedestrian sidewalk, on the opposite lane and in the detour of established barriers. One of the cars, judging by number plates, is assigned to the embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Russian Federation. Tatulian himself, leaving the airport, insulted security officers, and then demolished the barrier. Tatulyan presented his the embassy's 'jacket' on all remarks of the airport employees. Then the sources reported that the authoritative businessman claimed to be the honorary consul of Armenia in Russia, but could not get it. We tried to get a comment from the Armenian embassy for several days, but there was no clear answer to our question.

But let's return to the main thing - where is the "nonsense" and "inconsistency of reality" in the journalistic materials? In reports of the scandalous gathering it was said that its participants were detained by the Czech police. But with a diplomatic passport the detainee's freedom could not be limited. Indeed, what kind of questions could arise to the diplomat? Probably no one would have known about the incident in Karlovy Vary, were it not for the accident.

It should be noted that in addition to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, under the pressure of the media the presence of a diplomatic passport from Ruben Tatulian was also confirmed by the Armenian Foreign Ministry, saying that Tatulyan received the document legally - "for activities aimed at economic development of the country, attracting new investments."

However, what is to be surprised if the current President of Armenia, part of whose business assets, according to the CrimeRussia, is owned by Tatulian, was spotted at the thieves' gathering with the participation of Ded Hasan? It happened in late January 2017. Then Armenian blogger Artsruni Avetisyan published a video in which Serzh Sargsyan literally feasts with thieves in law Aslan Usoyan, Razmik Amoyan (Chako) and other representatives of the criminal world. What kind of event was celebrated in the restaurant, it is unknown. However, the video published talks about Sargsyan's close ties with the top of the criminal world. The event, according to the specified date, occurred on May 28, 1993.

Серж Саргсян на «воровской» посиделке

Serzh Sargsyan on the thieves' gathering

According to some reports, it was Ded Hasan, who contributed to Sargsyan's successful career up to the presidency. In 2008, Serzh Sargsyan was elected President of Armenia and re-elected to this post in 2013. All this time, statements about the ties of the Armenian President with criminals have repeatedly been made, and this video confirms them. Serzh Sargsyan never officially commented on the scandalous video.

Here we have such a strange story - a friend and partner of thieves in law, who endowed himself with the functions of underboss for a part of the Southern Russia, becomes a diplomat and enjoys diplomatic immunity to cover, for example, his participation in such gatherings. However, the history of modern Russia knows many examples when representatives of the criminal environment penetrate with powers that be and use this position in their own, far from the most noble goals.

Video: Serzh Sargsyan on the thieves' gathering




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