Crowned thief caught trying to save his friend

Crowned thief caught trying to save his friend
Chia and Zura Kakhetinets

An almost poetic story happened with crowned thieves yesterday in St. Petersburg. As the CrimeRussia learned, on the night of June 30 a thief in law Sergo Tsotskhalashvili was detained in St. Petersburg, better known in the criminal underworld as Zura Kakhetinets.

A source reported that his sworn friend, also a crowned thief - Lasha Barateli nicknamed Chia, learned that his fellow was in trouble and rushed to rescue him. The strength of bromance led Chia right to the steps of the Main Investigation Department of St. Petersburg on the Kosygin Avenue, where he was identified and arrested by law enforcement agents for violating the migration rules. Meanwhile, his dear pal was released following an awareness talk.

It is noteworthy that both codebound thieves, residents of St. Petersburg, have been repeatedly featured in the city’s criminal news. For instance, Chia took a brutal beating on December 15, 2014. The CrimeRussia has repeatedly reported about the incident: unidentified people ambushed Chia ambushed in the entrance lobby and attacked him. The visitors thrashed the criminal and then inflicted knife wounds to his face, took his cell phone and fled. As for Sergo Tsotskhalashvili, his latest adventures are dated January 18, 2016. On that day, the thief in law was detained by police officers. The body search revealed that Zura had drugs on him, which led to a criminal case under the relevant article.

As a reminder, Lasha Barateli and Sergo Tsotskhalashvili were crowned at the Turkish gathering in 2014 by the Georgian thieves close to Rovshan Dzhaniev. As an informed source reported, Lasha originally supported the Dedovskiye Georgians (an old criminal group) headed by Merab Mzarelua, expecting to receive the crown from them. However, he got tired of waiting for his just award and sided with the enemy, where he joined the ranks of crowned thieves together with Zura. It is worth noting that when they got in prison – each at a different time period - they were unable to confirm each others’ status.



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