Crowned thief Antip will stay in prison for 9.5 years despite attempts to ruin case

Crowned thief Antip will stay in prison for 9.5 years despite attempts to ruin case

Moscow human rights activists focused their attention on the story, which the prison guards tried so elaborately to hush up.

The verdict in the case of the sole Novosibirsk crowned thief Yevgeny Antipov, better known in the criminal underworld as Antip, was upheld in a higher court. It has transpired that a few days ago the Novosibirsk Regional Court dismissed the appeal of the defendant’s lawyers.

The CrimeRussia has repeatedly reported about how Antip became a defendant in the criminal case. He was involved in the bloodshed that took place within the walls of the pre-trial detention center № 1 in Novosibirsk. In early September 2014, a dozen thugs from the so-called prison mafia broke into the cell, where Kenan Dzhalilov was kept on charges of involvement in ethnic gang. Human rights activists named the following people among the perpetrators: Dmitry Maksimov (Dima Molotok), Pavel Brusentsev (Beshenniy), Alexander (Bob), Dmitry Salbash, Mironov (Miron), Artyom (Kipish), Izya Solomon (currently released), Viktor Guselnikov, Yevgeny (Intelligent), and Mikhail (Khokhol). The furious mobsters got inside freely, because the access had been provided by the head of the detention center Ruslan Robakidze and his deputy Nikolay Nabok.

Dzhalilov’s execution was ordered by Antip, who was then at large. According to some reports, in an interpersonal conflict between Antip and Radik Tatarin, Dzhalilov had supported the latter, for which he paid dearly. After the visit of Antip’s henchmen, Dzhalilov was taken to the intensive care unit of the city hospital in critical condition. Head injuries that he had received caused mental disorder, and he still remains in a special medical institution.

Robakidze and Nabok tried to hush up this story, but Moscow human rights activists ceased their attempts. Soon, the prison guards appeared among the defendants and convicted in the fall of 2015. The court found Robakidze and Nabok, who lobbied the interests of criminals, guilty of malfeasance and abuse of power with grave consequences. The first one received a suspended sentence, while Nabok was convicted for three years in a penal colony of standard regime.

Antip was also detained. He was charged with intentionally causing grievous bodily harm (part 3 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code), Drug Possession (Art. 228) and Use of Violence against a Representative of Public Authority (Art. 318) — after the arrest, the crowned thief allegedly hit a jailer.

On April 12, the court of Dzerzhinsky district sentenced Antipov to 9.5 years of imprisonment in a special regime penal colony. His right hand, Dmitry Maximov, will have the aggregated sentence of 8 years and 3 months. The third participant of the bloodshed, Igor Semenov, received 8 years and 9 months in a penal colony of strict regime.

The kingpin’s defense appealed this strict sentence, insisting on full acquittal of their client. The mobster himself participated in the process of appeal via teleconference between the hall of the regional court and the prison hospital, where he currently remains. As reported by Kommersant, with reference to the Prosecutor of the appellate Prosecutor's Office Department of the Novosibirsk Region Dmitry Boger, the Higher Court rejected the appeal and the sentence came into force.



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