Criminal repartition in Ivanovo: Chechen trail and 3 corpses 

Criminal repartition in Ivanovo: Chechen trail and 3 corpses
Isa Edilsultanov was appointed Ramzan Kadyrov's spokesperson in the Ivanovo region in 2013

Confrontation between influential businessmen started after Chechen expats came to the market of forest business.

During a year, there were committed three murders of ‘reputable’ businessmen in the Ivanovo region. According to, deaths began after representatives of the Chechen diaspora had penetrated the forest business in the region.

For the first time Chechens appeared in the forest market in 2015. reports that until that time this sector was run by leader of criminal group of Komsomolsk, Ivanovo town, Victor Fomushkin (Foma), ‘authoritative’ businessman Ivan Sherstyukov, who was a cofounder of timber company OOO LSP, and businessman’s assistant Evgeny Kholosha.

In October 2015 there have been changes in founding members in OOO LPK existing since 2006. The company was divided into three equal parts, one of which belonged to Ivan Sherstyukov, the second one – to representative of the Chechen Vislan Dudarov, and the third one – to representative Evgeny Kholosha. Victor Fomushkin had informal influence on the timber company.

Interestingly, on December 2, 2015 there was an assassination attempt on the head spokesperson of the Chechen Republic in the Ivanovo region Isa Edilsultanov in Ivanovo. Unidentified people shot the Mercedes of Edilsultanov. As a result of the attempt the Chechen got a slightly tangential wound of the head, refused to be hospitalized and did not write a statement to law enforcement authorities. In principle that is strange for a man tried to be killed. Informed sources claimed then that the attempt to kill or scare Edilsultanoa was a consequence of criminal restructuring in the region. However, there are no direct cause-and-effect links indicating that this way local authorities wanted to revenge the Chechen.

Иса Эдильсултанов

Meanwhile, in April 2016 Ivan Sherstyukov was shot near restaurant Mimino in Leningradskaya Street in Ivanovo. Then the regional media did not specify the victim's name simply pointing out that so-called representative of authoritative world of Komsomolsk was killed.


The place of Sherstyukov’s murder

In October 2016, unknown people fired car of member of thieves environment Evgeny Kholosha near his house.


The killers were waiting for the authoritative businessman near his house. Range Rover in which Evgeny Kholosha was crashed into the fence

Murders of influential businessmen continued this year as well. Overnight into January 23, 2017 Viktor Ponomarev, the owner of one of the hotels in Ivanovo, was shot beside his house.

Remarkably, leader of Komsomolskaya gang Viktor Fomushkin so far appears to manage to exist peacefully with Chechen expats. However, according to sources, he has lost control over the timber industry, and he seems to be wasting his authority as well. Thus, on the eve of the New Year 2017 he and his assistant Mikhail Zabrodin (Zabroda) were involved in fight with two young men in one of the cafes of Komsomolsk. As a result of the drunken brawl, the initiators of which the thugs were, Fomushkin got a closed craniocerebral injury and Zabrodin – a broken arm.

Video: Scuffle with Foma



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