Criminal empire of Shakro Molodoy destroyed because of his "sweetheart" 

Criminal empire of Shakro Molodoy destroyed because of his "sweetheart"
Zakhari Kalashov a.k.a. Shakro Molodoy

Arrest of Zakhary Kalashov – one of the most prominent criminal leaders in modern Russia – may become the most high-profile case of 2016.

On October 29, 2014, the CrimeRussia became aware that Shakro Molodoy returned to Russia. On that day, an airplane with a very "authoritative" passenger landed in Moscow. His authority in certain circles was so high that he was met in the airport not by bros, but by officers of the General Administration of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (the MIA), who escorted him to 38 Petrovka street for a preventive talk. Vasily Voskres (Vasya the Risen) Khristoforov and Yuri Pichuga (Little Bird) Puchugin were waiting for him at the entrance of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. Not an ordinary thief-in-law has returned to Russia, but the almighty boss of a criminal empire whose symbol used to be Ded Hasan. Even during the lifetime of Yaponchik and Ded Hasan, Shakro Molodoy had no less authority than them.

Задержанный Захарий Калашов

Arrest of Zakhary Kalashov 

Kalashov settled down in a specially purchased mansion in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. A few months later, upon sorting out urgent matters, he resumed active operations. He used to handle his affairs in the former Golden Palace casino (currently a hotel complex controlled by an authoritative businessman Konstantin Manukyan, his old friend and comrade-in-arms). According to the CrimeRussia sources, Golden Palace became the Kalashov’s office, where criminal lords from all Russian regions were coming to resolve their issues. Witnesses say that the visitors were bringing suitcases full of money of questionable origin into the hotel.

For the first six months upon his return, Shakro Molodoy was never mentioned in Moscow criminal news, but everything changed in December 2015. His friend, designer Fatima Misikova (according to, she was his "sweetheart"), addressed him for help: allegedly, she hasn’t been paid for interior design works in the Elements restaurant located in the center of Moscow, on Rochdelskaya street. According to Janna Kim, the restaurant owner, she was unhappy with the job performed by Misikova, terminated the contract, and paid only for the works already completed. Kalashov decided to stand up for the girl and dispatched his men to fix the situation.

Ресторан Elements

Elements restaurant interior

On December 14, 2015, officers of a private security company controlled by Kalashov, led by an "authoritative" criminal Andrey Kochuikov known under the nickname Italianets (or Italian), arrived in the restaurant. They demanded from Janna Kim either some 8 million rubles or the whole restaurant. She retained for defense former enforcement officers led by Eduard Budantsev, a former USSR Committee for State Security (KGB) officer and ex-commander of the Moscow SWAT (Special Work Assignment Team), who switched to the collections business after retirement from special forces. The official version states that a group of 15 armed people arrived in Elements. 

According to a CrimeRussia source, Kalashov himself was present in the restaurant that day and, during the negotiations, he called Budantsev an "as…le". The verbal altercation turned into a conflict that continued outdoors. It is known that private security guards had only traumatic weapons, while the former enforcement officers were equipped with firearms. During the gunfight, 2 security guards from the mob of Shakro Molodoy were killed and 6 persons wounded. The information that Kalashov had personally attended the restaurant to fix the "debt issue" was never published again.

Video: Gunfight on Rodchelskaya street. Full version 

The police were called to the restaurant even before the shooting. Ildar Shakirov, a criminal investigation operative, and Rinat Zinatullin, the local district police inspector, have arrived on site. They went inside, had a dinner at the next table, and when the gunfight erupted, just watched what’s going on from the sidelines. A criminal case has been initiated against them under Article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Neglect of Duty); searches were performed in the Presnensky District MIA Administration and in their residences. In fact, the policemen controlled by Kalashov were covering the extortionists from their colleagues. 

Italian and his subordinate Eduard Romanov have been arrested a few days after the shooting. They were charged under Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Hooliganism) and detained in a pre-trial detention facility. Eduard Budantsev, Vladimir Kostrichenko, and Petr Cherchintsev, who participated in gunning down the security guards, have also been arrested, charged under part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder of two or more persons), and then put under home arrest. The CrimeRussia source believes that the court was so gracious to them because of patronage from high-ranked officials in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (the FSB). 

Video: Eduard Budantsev explained murder of two private security guards to the court.  

The investigators were still unable to understand from detainees’ testimonies who was behind the bloody skirmish in the center of Moscow. Then the operatives located another person of interest belonging to the gang of Shakro Molodoy. According to Kommersant, Evgeny Surzhikov, ex-officer of the MIA General Administration for Combatting Organized Crime, during his service in the MIA, was struggling against the Kalashov’s brigade, and after the disbandment of the General Administration for Combatting Organized Crime, he became, jointly with Italian, the commander of private security guards controlled by Shakro Molodoy. Surzhikov was arrested in June 2016 and charged under part 3 of Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Extortion committed by an organized group for the purpose of obtaining property on an especially large scale). 

And at that moment, Italian was released from detention. Earlier Kalashov offered 1 million USD for the release of Kochuikov. On June 14, 2016, his period of detention has expired. It turned out that the investigator of the Investigations Department for the Central Administrative District of the Moscow Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation forgot to submit a petition to extend the detention. However, Kochuikov was arrested again by the Russian Special Police Force and FSB officers right at the gates of Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention facility. A service audit has been launched against the forgetful investigator. 

Then N. Nikolaev, a bodyguard for Italian employed in the private security company, and G. Gamidov, who used to work for Fatima Misikova, have been arrested on suspicion of extortion. They were in the restaurant on that night and testified against Kalashov. Based on this testimony, Administration “M” of the FSB arrived in the mansion of Shakro Molodoy on Rublevskoe highway.

Video: Arrest of thief-in-law Shakro Molodoy

Interestingly, but designer Fatima Misikova, the initiator of this whole story, disappeared immediately after the gunfight. Aleksey Azarov, the attorney for Fatima Taimurazovna Misikova, contacted the CrimeRussia and advised that she “is not a party to the conflict related to the shooting, not involved into the criminal case in any procedural status, and, of course, did not participate in any skirmishes. 

Later a burnt female corpse was found and identified as Misikova by her relatives. She was considered dead, but a few days ago the designer showed up abroad. reports that Fatima Misikova contacted her mutual acquaintances with Joanna Kim and told them that she has no relation either to the debt-related disputes or to the slaughter on Rochdelskaya street. However, the investigators said in court that Misikova was put on the wanted list and arrested in absentia in the framework of the extortion case.   

Video: Arrest of Shakro Molodoy

The supremo thief has already been charged with Extortion (Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). In addition, firearms were found in his home. Kalashov is being checked for involvement into the "cashing" business, and evidence is collected to lay charges under Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Creation of a Criminal Community (Criminal Organization) and Participation Therein). In addition, arrests of high-ranked MIA officials having links with Shakro Molodoy are expected soon. Apparently, the law enforcement authorities are serious in their intention to put the most authoritative crowned thief behind bars. And if Kalashov gets a real prison term, a struggle for power would erupt again in the criminal world. 

And this is all because the "sweetheart" was upset.



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